Our Services

We are up-to-speed with today’s media landscape and love every element of our job, so you can rely on us to share your news with the right people at the right time.
There is no cookie cutter approach to building brand reputation and credibility, so in order to achieve your
vision, we make a point of meeting with you one-on-one to understand your business. From here, we map out unique strategies that are relevant to you and your audiences – whether it’s online or offline media channels.



Understanding the story behind your business, its achievements, its people and its long-term goals provides the foundation to how we promote and manage your reputation to the public.

Once we have a solid understanding of your business basics and direction, we work in collaboration with you to develop a
tailored plan to achieve your objectives. This plan will provide the framework for the PR tools we implement and the activities we rollout across an agreed period of time.


Social Media Marketing

These days, a digital presence and unique content is integral for most businesses, so having the right social media platforms in place means that you don’t miss out on a potentially huge
portion of your target market.
We can help you to create an online community for your brand, by establishing your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or
Pinterest profiles that focus on building engagement, trust and awareness with your audiences.
If you already have your social profiles sorted, but are having troubles thinking up ways to inspire your followers, we create content to maximize your reach and ultimately drive traffic to your website.



Sometimes a party really is the perfect way to create some noise.
When that’s the case, we will be by your side to choose a venue, create your invitations, source a photographer and pop the bubbles. We respect that everyone’s idea of an event may be different, so we’ll provide you with inspiration, but we’ll make sure that it exudes your personal style, not ours.



Brands can often work better when they are together, so you can rely on us to seek out potential partnership arrangements that match your standards and provide a measurable return on investment. We will help you with sponsorship proposals and work with various partners on joint marketing campaigns to
further your reach and scope.



A press release is by far the most commonly used tool in the PR toolbox for communicating your news to the media, especially if it is to share an important announcement.

A strong, well-written press release still has the power to shape the news for that day or week.

Our role is to work with our media contacts on opportunities and deliver sharp, timely media statements, with expert
commentary in the fields that apply to your business.


Blogger outreach

Nowadays, there are plenty of credible bloggers online, who have high engagement levels and a genuine influence over their followers, but knowing how to approach the blogosphere can be tricky.
Bloggers have strong opinions and regular online conversations on almost every topic, so often their posts are a great way to spread a powerful message. Being linked to their activities can carry value for your brand, so speak to us about how we can help to connect your business with your desired audience through some of the best bloggers in the industry.


Corporate communications

Every organisation has communications requirements, so this service involves supporting your activities with clearly
articulated internal or external materials.
Examples include copy writing for newsletters, magazines or brochures, as well as producing unique content for your
website or weekly blog posts.