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FROM lycra to greasy chains, we rode tandem again with Australian bikes retailer 99 Bikes in a campaign that encouraged Aussies to get behind the handlebars.

This year, our motive piggy-backed off the company’s ‘Commuter Challenge’ initiative, which was launched to promote an active commute to the workplace on a weekly basis, if not daily.

99 Bikes handpicked four riders and has mapped their progress since March, tracking everything from their calories burned to dollars saved per kilometre.

Our role was to appoint key social influencers, who would share this news far and wide, and additionally promote the idea of riding to work, instead of driving.

To do this, we recruited 21 ambassadors in Brisbane and Sydney, and had them highlight their ’21 reasons to ride’ – including the health, environmental and financial benefits that riding has on our lives.

We knew that our selected known personalities would sport their look to encourage the general public to get inspired to take their own active commute.

From foodie Andy Allen to Broncos star Sam Thaiday and health guru Leanne Ward, our ambassadors strut their moves behind the camera with hipster pedal bikes.

Check out some of the photos of the ambassadors.

To see all the images head to our Facebook page or check out the hashtags #21reasonstoride #nowletsride!