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AUSTRALIANS are encouraged to get behind the handlebars to help donate life-changing bikes to the world’s most impoverished communities by ‘upcycling’ their pre-loved bike at any 99 Bikes store.

99 Bikes is riding tandem with Bikes 4 Life to break the cycle of poverty in third world regions by collecting, packing and shipping unused bikes from Australia to those in need.

As part of the company’s charitable ‘upcycle’ initiative, riders can snap up a new Pedal bike from just $199 when they upcycle their old bike for a new one during November, December and January. Upcyclers pocket $150 discount off the price of any model in the Pedal Bikes range, with their old bike collected by Bikes 4 Life as part of two projects shipping in early 2015

Matt Turner, Managing Director of 99 Bikes, said the initiative was geared towards raising awareness, giving back and promoting a healthy living environment through cycling.

“We hope to reach our target of 300 bikes by January, which will fill two shipping containers for Bikes 4 Life projects marked for early 2015. One of those will go to Australia’s remote Indigenous communities, the other to Northern Uganda.” Matt said.

“The bikes collected and donated as part of ‘Upcycle’ will provide people a critical means of transport to access food and water supplies, medical treatment, education and employment, which not only improves their standard of living, but in many cases, increases their chances of survival.”

“We really believe that these bikes have the capacity to change people’s lives, and we think our customer’s will really want to be part of that. We definitely view it as a joint initiative with the customer, we are providing a heavy discount on already cheap bikes, but the customer is also donating their bike in order to get that.”

Pedal Bikes, a brand that is exclusive to 99 Bikes retail stores, launched in August to provide everyday cyclists with affordable, but well designed bike options that could be used for short distance trips around town, as an alternative to cars, taxis and walking.

“People are both price and fashion conscious about their bikes, so we wanted to deliver something that is not only well priced and practical, but also looks good.”

Matt said girls were going crazy for the Pedal ‘Uptown’ model, which is available in fresh colours for summer, while guys were more into the Pedal Messenger Tokyo.

Bikes 4 Life spokesperson Ebony Butler said this initiative will not only help individuals, but larger groups who are underprivileged, vulnerable, isolated and neglected within society.

“Bikes are more important than cars in remote, poverty stricken communities. A mode of transport, they will increase civilians chance at surviving, giving them better access to food, water, medial aid and schools.”

Riders can ‘upcycle’ their pre-loved bike at any 99 Bikes store in Australia, or check out the selection of cool styles at  

Fast Facts:

  • Pedal Bikes are priced at recommended retail prices of $349* (Pedal Uptown), $449* (Pedal Patriot 29er) $499* (Pedal Dodger Flatbar) and $649* (Pedal Push).
  • Donated bikes for upcycle must be functional and ready to ride.
  • The ‘upcycle’ $150 discount applies to only Pedal branded bikes.
  • The first shipment of bikes will go to a remote indigenous community in January and the second shipment will go to a project in Uganda.
  • All recycled bikes will be donated to Bikes 4 Life.
  • 99 Bikes has recruited a group of Australian ambassadors to promote the ‘upcycle’ initiative on their social media channels during November.