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AUSTRALIAN bike retailer, 99 Bikes, continues to push the pedals of its business to new heights, announcing the recent acquisition of international brand Cube.

The company is now exclusively behind the handlebars of the German bike manufacturer and is set to steer the distribution of electric, road, mountain and hybrid models in Australia.

Relatively new to the Aussie market, a humble Cube mountain bike will set you back anywhere between $2000 and $7000, yet even at four figures, sales of these high-end, high-performance models are booming in Europe.

The e-bike sector is emerging rapidly, with Germany by far the largest market, followed by the Netherlands, UK, Switzerland and Belgium, who are all showing double-digit growth last year.

99 Bikes founder and managing director Matt Turner said Australians were fairly new to acknowledge the e-bike trend, but already there were plenty of executives swapping their sports cars for super-powered two-wheelers at the weekend.

“Electric mountain bikes are ideal for adventurous riders who are looking to navigate steeper trails or take on full day treks with ease,” said Matt.

“The extra assistance provided by an e-bike means that you can increase your riding time and tackle more challenging terrain, while being supported by the drive of a Bosch engine,” he said.

On the flip side, many commuters are taking to the trend as a cost-effective and time saving way of getting into work during the weekdays.

“Comparatively, e-bikes are much cheaper to purchase and run than a car, plus you can avoid traffic and don’t have the added issue of parking,” he said.

“They’re pedal assisted, rather than fully motorised, so while you still have to work, it’s easier to get up to speed and maintain it without breaking into a sweat.

“For commuters, the sweat factor is a significant one. You can arrive at work looking fresh, rather than hot and bothered.”

According to Matt, the cycling infrastructure is continually improving and riders are constantly seeking ways to integrate healthy living with environmentally sound activities.

The brand takeover is part of a larger growth plan for 99 Bikes, with a focus on Omni-channel growth and the opening of seven new shops in 2016.

“Cube is the market leader in e-bikes and they cover a lot of riding categories – commuting, mountain biking, touring and leisure – so the brand suits us as a retailer, servicing all bike riding customers.”

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