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AUSTRALIANS are being urged to take advantage of free ‘digital health checks’ across the country to determine their risk of a stroke, heart disease or diabetes, in a push for early diagnosis.

Health tech organisation SiSU Health Group has developed new technologies that flag the warning signs of disease in individuals, before the disease has a chance to emerge.

With machine-measured data from more than 2.8 million health checks by more than 1million individuals in Australia, SiSU Health Group is uniquely placed to measure, track and improve the health of Australians, one person at a time.

Dr. Noel Duncan, who founded SiSU Health in London, before launching the prototype health station in Australia four years ago, says his message is simple.

“Prevention is always better than a cure – we encourage Australians to own their health,” said Dr. Duncan.

Dr. Duncan said today’s generation of Aussie men and women had a longer life expectancy, however the reality is, half the population would live with at least one chronic condition.

“The implications of a chronic disease – at an individual, healthcare system and societal level – are huge, yet Australians would be shocked to learn that at least one third of chronic diseases are preventable.

“People normally present to a doctor once they’re already showing signs of illness, so we’re trying to flip this idea on its head by providing a health portal that can be accessed anywhere, anytime to encourage customers to keep track of their health on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

This flagship ‘SiSU Health Station’ allows an individual to complete a comprehensive health check in four minutes, assessing blood pressure, heart rate, heart age, body composition, BMI, height, weight, diabetes risk and, in some cases, a stress score and rating.

Accurate and measurable biometric results are displayed instantly on an easy-to-use digital platform that is completely free to use.

The organisation is in the final process of raising $5million to aid the development of new functionality including Atrial Fibrillation detection, heart rate variability (stress) and linking with health pathology (blood) tests, as well as expansion of operations in the UK and Europe.

Coaching is also available on the platform and individuals may be triaged to relevant partner programs, such as the Diabetes Foundation, Stroke Foundation, or QUIT based on their health risk assessment.

“If everyone had clarity of the state of their health, I am confident it would revolutionise the way we approach healthy living across Australia, for the better.

“We’re evidence and impact focused, and to date, we have helped Australians to collectively lose more than 21,375kgs of net weight and seen a reduction in the risk of hypertension in more than 20% of people with high blood pressure,” said Dr Duncan.

He said the biggest demographic of SiSU Health Station users were male, who significantly under-index visits to their GP. 1

The SiSU Health Station is an ISO 13485 certified medical device that provides highly accurate machine measured key health metrics on which to definitively calculate impact and change, over time.

All data collected is de-identified and managed in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the world’s strictest standard for managing privacy and sensitive personal data.

About SiSU Health Group

  • The word ‘SiSU’ means resilience and toughness in Finnish.
  • SiSU Health Group was established in 2013.
  • The organisation works with more than 100 partners in Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe to help individuals achieve their health & wellbeing goals.
  • The company’s mission is to help every single person become his or her best self and live better.
  • A health check on the SiSU Health Station is free and provides measurable biometric results, to help everyone achieve their lifestyle goals.
  • SiSU Health Stations are available to retail and corporate organisations that wish to encourage their customers, employees and wider community to get involved in their health.
  • They offer a digital platform that provides comprehensive and personalised support to improve individual health.


About Dr. Noel Duncan

  • Duncan is a renowned expert in exercise physiology – holding a PhD and post-doctoral fellowship in the subject – Dr. Duncan’s key focus is disease prevention.
  • The former Head of Fitness and Nutrition for two major AFL clubs (Richmond and Collingwood) and Cricket Victoria, Dr. Duncan founded SiSU Health Group in the UK in 2013, launching in Australia the same year.
  • Prior to SiSU Health Group, Dr. Duncan co-founded Fitness2Live – which was sold to McKesson but is now owned by Medibank Private.