Blog Post

A BIG, warm welcome to The Press Garage blog!

It’s been an exciting few months in the lead up to launching our website, but now that the engine is running, we are geared up and excited to sharing with you the latest workings from behind our garage door.

We want our blog to be a place where you, our readers, can find bite-sized updates on our clients and relevant information about all things PR. We may also throw in our opinions on what’s making news headlines and what’s trending on social media.
More importantly, we hope that it becomes a place for regular chatter on happenings that consume our daily life – both at work and at play.

Whether you’ve come here to be inspired by the outcomes of a public relations plan; to read about tremendously passionate people and the businesses they operate; or to check-in with what’s keeping us motivated each day, I hope that you feel as warmly greeted as an old friend.

So, I’ll keep this one short and sweet, so that you have more to read about on your next visit!

Until then, we’ll have our head down and tools up!

:) Deana