As founder and managing director of The Press Garage, Deana understands the impact that a great news story has on building a brand’s reputation, credibility and profile in the public arena. During her career, she has achieved national media coverage for some of the most dynamic and respected global brands, as well as worked across the fields of journalism, marketing, corporate relations and sponsorships.

Focused and decisive, Deana believes in helping clients connect with their audiences by clearly demonstrating their value in meaningful and memorable ways.

Deana’s professional track record was established through her role as the national PR manager for Australia’s largest travel agency group, Flight Centre Limited. In her six years at Flight Centre Limited, she was responsible for the media relations and exposure of the company’s major leisure travel brands.

In addition to this experience, Deana has worked on charity requests and sponsorship opportunities for the Flight Centre Foundation and The Wesley Research Institute, and was a journalist for Brisbane’s premium lifestyle magazine, Brisbane News.

Deana holds a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from the University of Queensland.