AUSTRALIANS are being urged to take advantage of free ‘digital health checks’ across the country to determine their risk of a stroke, heart disease or diabetes, in a push for early diagnosis.

Health tech organisation SiSU Health Group has developed new technologies that flag the warning signs of disease in individuals, before the disease has a chance to emerge.

With machine-measured data from more than 2.8 million health checks by more than 1million individuals in Australia, SiSU Health Group is uniquely placed to measure, track and improve the health of Australians, one person at a time.

Dr. Noel Duncan, who founded SiSU Health in London, before launching the prototype health station in Australia four years ago, says his message is simple.

“Prevention is always better than a cure – we encourage Australians to own their health,” said Dr. Duncan.

Dr. Duncan said today’s generation of Aussie men and women had a longer life expectancy, however the reality is, half the population would live with at least one chronic condition.

“The implications of a chronic disease – at an individual, healthcare system and societal level – are huge, yet Australians would be shocked to learn that at least one third of chronic diseases are preventable.

“People normally present to a doctor once they’re already showing signs of illness, so we’re trying to flip this idea on its head by providing a health portal that can be accessed anywhere, anytime to encourage customers to keep track of their health on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

This flagship ‘SiSU Health Station’ allows an individual to complete a comprehensive health check in four minutes, assessing blood pressure, heart rate, heart age, body composition, BMI, height, weight, diabetes risk and, in some cases, a stress score and rating.

Accurate and measurable biometric results are displayed instantly on an easy-to-use digital platform that is completely free to use.

The organisation is in the final process of raising $5million to aid the development of new functionality including Atrial Fibrillation detection, heart rate variability (stress) and linking with health pathology (blood) tests, as well as expansion of operations in the UK and Europe.

Coaching is also available on the platform and individuals may be triaged to relevant partner programs, such as the Diabetes Foundation, Stroke Foundation, or QUIT based on their health risk assessment.

“If everyone had clarity of the state of their health, I am confident it would revolutionise the way we approach healthy living across Australia, for the better.

“We’re evidence and impact focused, and to date, we have helped Australians to collectively lose more than 21,375kgs of net weight and seen a reduction in the risk of hypertension in more than 20% of people with high blood pressure,” said Dr Duncan.

He said the biggest demographic of SiSU Health Station users were male, who significantly under-index visits to their GP. 1

The SiSU Health Station is an ISO 13485 certified medical device that provides highly accurate machine measured key health metrics on which to definitively calculate impact and change, over time.

All data collected is de-identified and managed in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the world’s strictest standard for managing privacy and sensitive personal data.

About SiSU Health Group

  • The word ‘SiSU’ means resilience and toughness in Finnish.
  • SiSU Health Group was established in 2013.
  • The organisation works with more than 100 partners in Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe to help individuals achieve their health & wellbeing goals.
  • The company’s mission is to help every single person become his or her best self and live better.
  • A health check on the SiSU Health Station is free and provides measurable biometric results, to help everyone achieve their lifestyle goals.
  • SiSU Health Stations are available to retail and corporate organisations that wish to encourage their customers, employees and wider community to get involved in their health.
  • They offer a digital platform that provides comprehensive and personalised support to improve individual health.


About Dr. Noel Duncan

  • Duncan is a renowned expert in exercise physiology – holding a PhD and post-doctoral fellowship in the subject – Dr. Duncan’s key focus is disease prevention.
  • The former Head of Fitness and Nutrition for two major AFL clubs (Richmond and Collingwood) and Cricket Victoria, Dr. Duncan founded SiSU Health Group in the UK in 2013, launching in Australia the same year.
  • Prior to SiSU Health Group, Dr. Duncan co-founded Fitness2Live – which was sold to McKesson but is now owned by Medibank Private.



BRISBANE-founded Snackwize, a platform making it easier for companies to provide healthy snacks to staff in the workplace, has raised half a million dollars in seed capital – a rare break for food startups in Australia.

The financial backing comes from one of Australia’s most prominent tech entrepreneurs – Adrian Di Marco of global enterprise software giant TechnologyOne – and is the first round of funding to help grow the team and expand into home delivery.

Snackwize founder and managing director Conor Reynolds said the food startup scene was only emerging in Australia, compared to in the United States, where collectively there was $1.08 billion invested in 2017.

“Food and beverage startups are slowly popping up on Aussie soil, yet raising capital in this sector is still in its infancy, so we are very lucky to have this support early on in our journey,” said Mr Reynolds, who will look to raise more capital after this initial round over the next two years.

“The decision to expand into home delivery follows a strong organic growth in the market and will be a game changer for fitness buffs and busy families on the go,” he said.

Since its launch in 2016, the Snackwize has seen rapid growth in Australia and New Zealand, doubling its revenue year-on-year and quintupling its client base from 20 to 100 companies.

Today, the startup delivers thousands of snacks to the offices of Uber Australia, Universal Studios, Deloitte, Marriott, Queensland Rugby League, The Melbourne Cricket Ground, Red Bull, Samsung, and more.

Snacking habits data reveals a whopping 46% of Australians skip lunch in favour of a snack and Millennials, in particular, are more likely than any other generation to snack four times or more a day on foods other than fruit.

“The number of Aussies who eat unhealthy snacks as a meal replacement is alarming, especially when you consider those young professionals in offices today will occupy a large percentage of the workplace by 2025.

“Fruit baskets in the office have been a staple for almost 16 years, yet as the frequency of snacking and the demand for more nutrient-dense food continues to rise, people are looking for more nourishing, plant-based foods they can grab on the fly.”

Snackwize, founded on the idea of making healthy food more convenient, is 30% cheaper than the retail price of snacks bought at supermarkets, with a curated box starting from $179 per month for 65 snacks, ranging up to $799 per month for 390 snacks.

Mr Reynolds refers to his company as a ‘set it and forget it’ service that encourages organisations to foster a wellness culture internally, resulting in more happy and engaged employees at work.

All Snackwize eligible products must pass a rigorous testing process that includes a 100% natural ingredient review and a ‘no added sugar’ and ‘no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives’ protocol.

The team is continually researching market trends to ensure the healthiest and tastiest product mix and rotation, with popular brands including Blue Dinosaur, Health Lab, Just Jerky, LuvSum, Shelby’s, Piranha, Super Orbs, Googys, Brookfarm, Carman’s, Tom & Luke Balls, and more.




LUXE Espresso, tucked away inside Westfield Bondi Junction, re-opened its doors last week to unveil a fresh look for the first time ever. 


As the original LUXE in the group, the owners refer to the renovation as more of a “facelift” than a complete makeover, which has respectfully kept the authenticity, warmth and communal feel of the cafe.


“It has always been a café of the people within ‘The Junction’ so we have tried to incorporate feedback from our customers on things they loved and then built our concept around those elements,” said owner Mark Mackanass.


The refurbishment draws on the hallmarks of minimalism – black cabinetry, stone benches, glazed brick floors, soft lighting, and a grand curved ceiling structure of timber blades that represents a curling wave in the surf at Bondi Beach.


“The metal archway at the entrance has been painted in the exact same paint as featured on the Sydney Harbour Bridge to pay homage to the birthplace of the LUXE brand,” said Mark.


When it comes to the menu, breakfast dishes are now available all-day until 3pm, and lunch kicks off from 12pm.


Mark says the standout ‘LUXE classics’ that are loved by so many customers remain the same.


Still on the menu, are the popular ‘LUXE Plate’ full of fresh avocado, tomato and goat feta or ricotta served with sourdough and the well-known ‘LUXE Famous Poached Chicken Sandwich’ with chilli mayo, tomato and rocket.


Fresh new summer additions include a ‘Fruit Bruschetta’ with salted coconut yoghurt, mango, blueberries & mint, and a very on-trend ‘Mango Lassi Bowl’ topped with maple nut granola and fruit.


Yolk lovers can choose from six egg breakfast dishes, all served on artisan LUXE sourdough toast with a bunch of sides to satisfy any craving.


For lunch, tuck into one of eight hearty sandwich options, including a new rustic ‘Vegan Roll’ with jalapeno hummus, pumpkin, beetroot and kale that is sure to impress.


Other additions, sure to tempt your inner green goddess, include a fresh ‘Grain Salad’ with lentils, quinoa, green beans, eggplant and pickled zucchini, and a new ‘Salmon Sashimi Bowl’ filled with oodles of edamame, brown rice, pickled carrot, cos and soy cured egg yolk.


The friendly faces of the team, headed up by 15-year LUXE veteran John ‘Bravo’ Shannon, remain the same – as does the consistency in quality and customer service.


LUXE Espresso has a longstanding reputation that dates back to 2003, when the café first opened its doors in Bondi Junction as the flagship store, inside Westfield.


“We at LUXE want to continue to build on the community aspect of our café that makes it so special. After all, it’s a brand owned by the people, who continue to come back and form part of our family,” said Mark.


“Look out for Saturday BBQ’s through summer and the seasonal rotation of the menu to capture the freshest tastes of Australian produce.”


Nowadays, there are five independently owned cafes in the heart of Sydney, including one at Barangaroo and Sydney International Airport Terminal.


A visit to Luxe Espresso is a must if you’re popping into Westfield Bondi Junction any day of the week, especially if the prospect of ‘shop til you drop’ is on the cards!




Favourites – LUXE Plate; Poached Eggs with Artisan LUXE Sourdough; LUXE Famous Poached Chicken Sandwich

Look – Urban, contemporary, and communal

Service – Warm, passionate, reliable

Features – family-friendly, casual indoor seating, outdoor seating

Coffee – Five Senses

Tea – Teascapes Australia



Opening Hours – 7:30am until 4:30pm

Prices – $12 to $22

Head Chef – Dipak Brahmkshtriy (of Sean’s Panorama)

Owners – Mark & Jodie Mackaness



Shop 3078, Level 3, Westfield Shopping Centre

500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, Sydney NSW


Menu attached.






CYCLING experts are predicting a triple digit growth in ‘electric bike’ sales in 2017, with the rise in popularity of pedal-assisted models taking off in Aussie corporate circles.


According to 99 Bikes, the ‘e-bike’ is a game changer for everyday city commuters, as well as boomers who may need a little extra push to keep up, following an injury.


A survey recently conducted by the bike retailer found that more than 70% of e-bike customers were aged 40+, with most admitting to purchasing the battery-powered model because their fitness level didn’t allow them to comfortably ride far enough on a standard road bike.


99 Bikes founder and CEO Matt Turner, son of Flight Centre founder Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner, said the current upward sales trend was steep, with the company reporting a continuous month-on-month growth this year.


“We’re expecting sales to be around 500% up on last year in the Australian market, at the very minimum,” said Matt, who is fast building a retail bike empire, known as the Pedal Group.


“e-bikes are relatively new here in Australia, but interest in the products is growing rapidly – particularly online, where electric

bikes get more traffic than any other product, overtaking road bikes, mountain bikes and BMX bikes.


Aimed mostly at commuters and recreational riders, the e-bike features a control hub at the centre of the handlebars that gives the rider important data on speed, distance and battery life in a neat display.


As opposed to electric scooters or motorbikes, an e-bike requires pedalling in order for the electric assistance to kick in, so a longer commute will provide a light workout, but you don’t need a separate license to operate it.


“This type of bike can provide a basic rider with assistance at the times they most want it, while vanishing into the background when they don’t – with bikes like this, anyone can ride – it’s an incredible evolution for the cycling industry,” he said.


Similarly, MERIDA Australia’s general manager, Andrew Garnsworthy, said the new models were designed to be practical and look stylish, without breaking the bank.


“A lot of people are buying commuter e-bikes to replace regular car trips or public transport journeys, both midweek and on weekends, because they are more affordable and can often save them time,” said Andrew.


“City commuters, who are looking for an easy and economical method of transport, can travel to and from work completely sweat-free, without having to use end-of-trip facilities.

“In the new MERIDA designs, we have put form and function together to make a trendy, smart, reasonably priced bike that happens to also be electric, rideable by men and women of all ages.”


Andrew said the brand’s bestseller was the ‘MERIDA e-ONE Sixty 900e’ model, since it is an affordable performance e-bike that is great for keeping up appearances.


Other MERIDA e-bikes are competitive in price, retailing at 99 Bikes from just $2,999 for the Merida E-Spresso.


Fast Facts:


  • Typical weekday commute from Bondi to Sydney’s CBD by car in peak hour traffic is 30mins; similarly by bus is 40mins and by bus + train combo can be up to 1 hour; compared to an e-bike, which would take around 20mins on the bikeways (without traffic and congestion).


  • Amount of kilojoules, burned when riding for 40mins per day (20mins to/from work) for a 70kg person is 1464kJ, compared to ‘zero’ if you were sitting still in your car.


  • The e-bike wins out easily, as far as purchase cost is concerned. The average e-bike costs $3,000-$4,000, whereas the average price for a new medium sized car is currently $30,000.
  • An average weekly cost of running a medium car in 2017 is $200 per week (including loan, rego, petrol, tyres, service, repairs); yet an e-bike would have no insurance costs, no registration charges and no petrol requirements, making it an economical means of transport.












YOUNG professionals in high paying roles are tucking into passion projects that are more in line with their wellness goals to create a lifestyle they don’t have to feel guilty about.

Snackwize, a new ‘first of its kind’ service founded by health & fitness marketing professional Conor Reynolds, is committed to delivering all natural sweet and savoury snacks to workplaces across Australia.

Since launching less than a year ago, Reynolds has already secured some big accounts, including lululemon athletica, Hutchinson Builders, Cromwell Property Group, Data3, Technology One and Canva.

Reynolds, who separately works in a full-time corporate role, delivers more than 5,000 snacks monthly to companies, yet believes the healthy snack delivery industry in Australia is still in its infancy compared to the USA, Canada and the UK.

Having observed first-hand poor eating habits and uneducated choices made by time-poor executives in his own offices, he saw a niche for a convenient healthy snack delivery service.

“Snackwise grew from an apparent opportunity to provide people in the workplace with nutritious snacks that they could grab between meetings to keep hunger pains at bay.

“Today, many corporates reach for the quickest thing to get them through their afternoon slump – most of the time this is something processed and high in sugar that leaves them feeling even more exhausted an hour later,” said Reynolds.

“I wanted to give people a choice when it came to snacking, and educate them on how to pick the right snacks that fit in with their lifestyle and health goals,” he said.

The business is completely self-funded, and Reynolds, who started it with just $2000, says his growth strategy is focused on expanding its customer base and helping more companies move towards providing healthy snacks for their employees.

“To date, I have personally cold called 250 companies, and have learnt a lot in the past year on what works and what doesn’t work when building a business.

“I know there are still plenty of learning curves ahead, but it’s amazing how much you can achieve in a short period, when you’re passionate about something.”

Snackwize offers a wide selection of snacks from the gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo and vegan, to those that are non-genetically-modified with non-refined sugars.

Some of the delicious morsels include wholefood bars, kale chips, coconut chips, beef jerky, protein balls, cashews, trail mixes and more.

ENDS. Media enquiries to Deana Tynan on 0403 040 461 or


COFFEE lovers rejoice, a caffeinated little sister to Botanica Real Food is due to open on June 1 in Teneriffe, serving up a whole lot of breakfast love for anyone on the go.

Greenhaus Coffee is the third in a sequence of businesses founded by humble Brisbane wholefoods duo, Alison and Brett Hutley, located on the corner of Doggett and Chester Street, just two doors down from their already popular Botanica.

While the couple is making magic again, this time they putting caffeine at the top of the menu partnering with Sydney coffee brand Allpress Espresso, with a tasty assortment of grab-and-go breakfast options for people on the run.

Like its older sibling, the café will be serving up predominantly takeaway items such as the much-loved breakfast ‘tartines’ and ‘parfait cups’ previously featured at Botanica, as well as new mini spinach + parmesan brioche toasties, spelt + raspberry scones and warm vanilla porridge.

Greenhaus Coffee’s convenient corner location also means Botanica fans will be able to grab a takeaway latte with their lunchtime salad box or afternoon cupcake.

During their past four years in business, Alison and Brett have put a lot of love and energy into becoming a brand that people know they can trust and rely on for quality and taste.

“Since opening Botanica in 2013, we have always been asked if we serve coffee, but we always had a firm stance that as long as we were neighbouring a coffee shop, we would not,” said Alison.

“When the café next door to us in Teneriffe relocated, it was impossible to find a reason not to launch Greenhaus Coffee and continue to provide coffee to the corner,” she said.

“Brett and I love coffee, and we both have a great enthusiasm for Brisbane’s burgeoning food scene, so it made sense to seize this opportunity and launch our very first coffee haunt,” she said.

While the pair acknowledges there is tremendous number of fabulous coffee shops in Brisbane, they believe there is an opportunity to offer a better assortment of breakfast options, ready to go.

“Nothing beats starting the day with a delicious coffee, so imagine pairing that with a savoury tartine topped with cashew cream, blistered tomatoes and basil, or, a bowl of warm vanilla porridge with honey and cinnamon, and you are truly set for a great day!”

Both Alison and Brett said the developments around Teneriffe and Newstead were having a positive impact on the area, and they couldn’t wait to see the corner of Doggett and Chester Street abuzz with people.

Greenhaus Coffee is ideal for time poor corporates, busy parents or generally anyone who needs a dose of coffee and a nutritious breakfast on the run.

Open 7 days a week from 6:30am to 4pm. Limited seating inside and outdoors on stools.




Menu includes:

  • Tartines (i.e. toasted sourdough with assorted sweet and savoury toppings)**
  • Breakfast parfait cups (e.g. espresso and date brown rice porridge with coconut yoghurt)
  • Mini brioche toasties (e.g. tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil)
  • Raspberry and spelt scones
  • Apple and cinnamon crumble loaf
  • Warm vanilla porridge with honey and cinnamon

**no meat products will be used in any menu items.


Greenhaus Coffee, 29 Doggett St, Teneriffe





SHARK Tank investor Steve Baxter teams with QUT Creative Enterprise Australia (CEA) to invest in the travel sector, together funnelling half a million dollars into a new startup.

Travelshoot today announces an investment of $500,000 from these Queensland based investors to help scale its business and maximise global opportunities with its travel partners, including ­Flight Centre Travel Group, Helloworld and RACQ.

The business, which connects travellers with qualified local photographers around the world, has tripled its network of destinations in the last year and planned to continue this rapid expansion.

Mr Baxter’s interests aligned with this global growth strategy.

“We have a favourable view of the tourism space being one of Australia’s largest export markets and continues to grow,” said Mr Baxter.

“It is enviable to see two founders who have built the business to this point through their own personal funding, showing their adaptability and hustle to make things work even on tight budgets,” he said.

Co-founders and brother sister pair, Sarah Pearce and Tim Jones, said identifying and attracting the right investors was crucial to their approach.

“We didn’t use a scattergun approach – we looked for investors who would not just invest in us financially, but were also prepared to add strategic value and mentor us through potential key business challenges,” said Ms Pearce.

“Our technology, along with our customised and tailored approach to acquiring customers through strategic travel partner really solidified the investment,” she said.

Both Baxter and CEA’s CEO, Anna Rooke, considered the founding team to be critical to their decision to invest.

“For CEA, we felt that Travelshoot had all the essentials on why we invest; a compelling value proposition, a clearly defined global customer market, strong evidence of customer traction, a clear execution plan and, above all else co-founders who have the flexibility and resilience to navigate the business to scale,” said Ms Rooke.

Baxter and CEA will add value beyond cash by offering the co-founders strategic guidance, knowledge of new markets, sharing networks and providing mentorship to help overcome the inevitable hurdles involved in a startup journey.

ENDS: Media enquiries to Deana Tynan on or 0403 040 461

For more information, please visit





ONE bicycle has the power to enrich the lives of five family members in Africa, according to statistics released by 99 Bikes who has partnered with volunteer organisation Qhubeka to create a cycle of hope.

This month, the Australian bike retailer is getting behind the handlebars to provide two-wheeled support and is calling on fellow Aussies to pitch in for their chance to score a holiday.

99 Bikes’ Founder and Managing Director, Matt Turner, said the company had fine tuned its social purpose for 2017 and, in doing so, wanted to establish a way for riding enthusiasts to feel connected to a bigger cause.

“As a company, we are very passionate about helping Qhubeka and it’s programs – mainly through donations from our individual employees. This year, we thought we’d ask the Australian cycling community to join the cause,” he said.

In return for a small monetary donation to Qhubeka, 99 Bikes is giving two people the chance to win an African adventure in South Africa’s Western Cape, where they can combine safari tours and wine tasting with hands-on volunteering.

Travellers will learn first hand how bicycles are improving communities, the environment and quality of life by visiting townships benefiting from Qhubeka’s bike programs.

They will also participate in a bike distribution ceremony, visit a bike assembly facility and join lessons at a local school.

The prize includes return flights from Australia to Cape Town for two travellers and six nights luxury accommodation in Cape Town, as well as touring through game reserves and famous wine regions.

Matt says bikes are the backbone of life in many third world economics, providing much more than just recreation.

“Bikes are the most effective and economical method of allowing people to travel further, carry more and get there faster,” Matt said.

“They are a means of transport to places of employment and education, and provide immediate access to food, water, medicine and shelter,” he said.






BRISBANE gourmands craving high-end cuisine, without the price tag, can prepare their tastebuds for a newcomer to the New Farm scene who is breaking down the barriers typically associated with fine dining.

Nestled on the leafy Merthyr Road strip, Allium is set to deliver a progressive modern Australian menu from an open kitchen in a relaxed and approachable way.

Allium is the brainchild of husband and wife duo James and Kylie Gallagher, following a career-long dream to create a place where people could feel comfortable and always welcome, even for a mid-week meal.

James, who trained at the same culinary college as Jamie Oliver and worked in some of London’s most acclaimed restaurants, has been a chef for more than 10 years.

Previously, a sous chef at Brisbane’s Alchemy and head chef at Prive 249 at Sofitel Brisbane Central, he is well acquainted with what goes on behind-the-scenes and has never felt more ready to tackle his own venue.

At Allium, James said the focus is on showcasing the best produce and tailoring the menu on a regular basis to meet the preferences of their guests.

“My style of food is modern, but not polarising. I don’t want people to have to think too hard about my dishes or feel challenged,” said James.

“The dishes will still be technical, but I want people to be able to relate and find comfort in our food,” he said.

The team’s aim is to deliver high-end cuisine at an appealing price point, with familiar yet inventive dishes.

Examples include the lightly cured kingfish paired with the refreshing flavours of compressed cucumber and buttermilk, finished with a green apple sorbet.

Or, the marbled wagyu skirt with caramelised onion petals, miso eggplant puree and black garlic.

Dessert will impress too, with a zesty take on the classic lemon meringue tart, featuring a soft set curd, mascarpone ice cream, brown butter crumb, fennel meringue and granita.

Kylie, who will manage operations at Allium, said decor at the suburban restaurant would be minimalist and contemporary, with a simple black and white colour palette, clean lines and feature lighting.

“We want to break the perception that a fine dining experience is reserved for special occasions,” said Kylie.

“Everyone has a ‘go-to’ restaurant, where the food is consistently great – it’s familiar, it’s comfortable – the place you recommend it to friends without a second thought because the service is friendly, attentive and the staff remember your name,” she said.

“We hope Allium can be that ‘go-to’ for Brisbane locals.”

Allium will offer a constantly evolving a-la-carte dinner menu, as well as a tasting menu, from Wednesday to Sunday and will serve classic brunch favourites on Saturday and Sunday.


If you hadn’t already noticed, PR has shifted online. Distribution of news is digital and globally accessible. In fact, this happened at the beginning of the 21st Century.

Nowadays, press releases are distributed to websites and via email, as opposed to postal, fax or courier delivery. And, the profession is universally recognised, with new buzzwords developed daily, from ‘influencer’ to ‘optimised’

Our director Deana Tynan provides a snapshot below on what’s happening to PR in 2016.

We’re All In This Together – PR + Social + Marketing

PR professionals use social media actively in order to achieve their goals. While, marketing objectives have also become key KPIs for PR and Social Media specialists.

This is primarily because more companies now understand the importance of measurement and metrics and are judged on what they deliver.

Now is a good time to stop treating the different disciplines as separate. They are all interconnected.

This extends to distribution of your news and content, and of course – measurement of results.

The ‘Stand Out’ Press Release – New Media

There’s no denying that the days of a blast email to a chunky media database are well and truly gone.

Modern press releases are taking a new shape, reflecting the ever-changing use of existing and new media.

It’s no surprise that people don’t like to read long paragraphs, and are usually short on time. Visuals make an impact. Sharp photography, powerful videos and clever infographics help people to understand immediately what the story is.

Multimedia is no longer an option – it’s a must-have. Coupled with a short, succinct email pitch and you’re on your way.

The other part of PR is, of course, people skills. Yet, the new reliance on data and analytics forces us to take a closer look at what our siblings in social media and marketing are doing.

2016 has seen the emergence of technology skills become just as important as people skills, if not more so.

Everyone Can Share News – PR at Any Level  

One tweet can literally change the future of a company and it doesn’t take the CEO to do it.

Today, we are all influencers, in one way or another. Whether we share an announcement via email, post it to our followers on social media or mention it to a friend in passing.

Thanks to the Internet, we are all interconnected and everyone can disseminate information. No longer is this in the hands of a single specialist or traditional news outlet, which means it’s more important than ever for your people to tell the same story.

Engaging employees and teams in PR is beneficial for any organisation. In fact, there are already start-ups who focus specifically on doing just that.