MENS grooming expert, Jules Tognini, was named Educator of the Year at the 2016 Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Australia Awards last night.

For a second year in a row, the AKA Togninis Creative Director and founder of lil off the top, continues to cement his position in the industry as the smile throwing, trend setting, hair cutting lad.

Jules said winning the Educator of the Year award was incredible, especially after re-launching the lil off the top agency with other industry heavyweights.

“We have so many unbelievable hairdressers out there, so it feels incredible to be recognised in the industry for doing what I love,” he said.

“It is great to see all my hard work starting to pay off, but look, I wouldn’t be here today without the support from the industry and my family.”

Jules said being nominated for the awards and winning Educator of the Year reinforced where his focus was – mens grooming.

He said the mens grooming industry was a lot bigger and better than most people thought, and he looks forward to seeing where it goes from here.

lil off the top agency is a must-do master class for non-masters and is all about tailor made education for hairdressers and their salon teams.

The agency is providing a smorgasbord of techniques from cuts, colours and style demonstrated on live models and mannequins, as well as providing tips on business and photo shoots.

To find out more, head to and book an educator today.

Congrats Jules.

ENDS. Media enquires to Olivia King on 0408 157 253 or email, on behalf of Togninis.


WITH hair masters like the Togninis as clients, it’s easy to learn a thing or two about how to flaunt amazing hair… and trust us, there is so much more than what meets the eye.

Check out Liv’s top 5 tips from what she has learnt:

 When you’ve got great hair, no one cares about your face

This phrase has stuck with me, since the first time I met Jules Tognini – Australian’s Men’s Hairdresser of the Year. Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you, so make sure it’s good.

Often I am awestruck when I meet someone with amazing luscious locks. It’s very easy to take notice of their hair, and skip past anything else.

Don’t sleep with your hair up

I have accepted that I am a hair up wearing person. Most people have never seen me with my hair down, but rather in a high bun on the top of my head (easy, simple and my hair is off my face). However, there comes a point when I need to let my locks down and it’s when I am asleep.

Wearing your hair up when you go to sleep causes breakage and strangles your ends, so be kind and let it down.

Product, product, product

I used to be a supermarket product purchaser, but have learnt that the silky feeling after washing your hair isn’t a good.

The hair gurus at Togninis taught me that these cheap ‘n’ nasty products have fillers, detergents and silicon in them, which aren’t good for your hair. Spend the extra money and invest in good products!

From styling powder to dry shampoo and hot tool shaper, products are your best friends….helping to comb out the knots, create some volume and perfect your curls.

Togninis hooked me up with a truckload of evo (Aussie haircare brand) products and I have never looked back.

Don’t wash your hair after every workout

Did you ever think you could wash your hair too much? Well, listen up people, you can!

After a workout, your hair isn’t necessarily dirty, but rather just looks greasy from your sweat. There is no need to wash your hair. Just use a little bit of dry shampoo to hide that oily look and wash your hair after the next workout.

Talk to your hairdresser about what you want

Easiest way to determine what you want out of a hair appointment is to take a photo of what you want. You may think it looks silly pulling out your phone or magazine cut outs but showing the colour and style you want means there is no confusion.

Realistically, we all know that having a good hairdresser means equally great hair, so find the one that suits your style and make them your wingman.




FROM lycra to greasy chains, we rode tandem again with Australian bikes retailer 99 Bikes in a campaign that encouraged Aussies to get behind the handlebars.

This year, our motive piggy-backed off the company’s ‘Commuter Challenge’ initiative, which was launched to promote an active commute to the workplace on a weekly basis, if not daily.

99 Bikes handpicked four riders and has mapped their progress since March, tracking everything from their calories burned to dollars saved per kilometre.

Our role was to appoint key social influencers, who would share this news far and wide, and additionally promote the idea of riding to work, instead of driving.

To do this, we recruited 21 ambassadors in Brisbane and Sydney, and had them highlight their ’21 reasons to ride’ – including the health, environmental and financial benefits that riding has on our lives.

We knew that our selected known personalities would sport their look to encourage the general public to get inspired to take their own active commute.

From foodie Andy Allen to Broncos star Sam Thaiday and health guru Leanne Ward, our ambassadors strut their moves behind the camera with hipster pedal bikes.

Check out some of the photos of the ambassadors.

To see all the images head to our Facebook page or check out the hashtags #21reasonstoride #nowletsride!


PROFESSIONAL travel photography is now accessible to holidaymakers at the time of booking, thanks to a new global partnership that is set to take off between Flight Centre Travel Group (FLT) and Travelshoot.

From April, Australia’s leading travel agency group has partnered with the young Aussie start-up, who connects travellers with local professional photographers around the world.

The global partnership provides travellers in more than 30 cities worldwide the chance to book a Travelshoot photography package – a 1-hour, 2-hour or 4-hour photoshoot experience – directly through any of FLT’s leisure brands.

Travelshoot founder Sarah Pearce said the FLT partnership would assist Travelshoot in reaching travellers across the globe, while providing customers with a unique product to add-on to their holiday when they book flights, accommodation and other travel items.

“Travelshoot is about connecting travellers with local photographers who take the customer around to their favourite places for the best photos of iconic parts of their city,” said Sarah.

“They love their home city and they know where to take you to get really memorable photos, while making the whole experience natural, fun and relaxed,” she said.

“We have more than 100 photographers in our network and this number continues to grow –not only do we look for photographers that have an incredible portfolio, but who are just as great in person to hang out with, so that our customers have an amazing time.”

Sarah said Travelshoots were ideal for surprise wedding proposals, honeymoons, groups of mates, solo travellers and family holidays, so she was confident the FCGT partnership would assist in reaching these customers.

FLT managing director Graham Turner said Travelshoot’s offering was an interesting and innovative new addition to the company’s global product range.

“Capturing the best photos is an important part of any holiday experience,” Mr Turner said.

“We are delighted to work with Sarah and with Travelshoot to bring the product to a wider audience and to help grow the business.”


Potential benefits associated with partnership:

  • Global partnership with all Flight Centre Travel Group brands means mass exposure for Travelshoot on a global scale
  • Travelshoot product allows FCGT to ‘complete’ the customer experience and offer their clients a unique and special value add (an add-on option just like travel insurance, car hire, etc.)
  • The opportunity to learn from the world’s most iconic travel group and Australian success story.
  • FCTG were particularly excited to help customers who were booking trips for honeymoons, family reunions, big events, and elopements.


Partnership structure and key details:

  • The product (all 3 packages, as featured on the website) will be sold through all of the brands on the FLT network – Flight Centre, Student Flights, Escape Travel, Travel Associates, Cruiseabout, etc.
  • Launch date for the product range is April – all brands and all countries.
  • On a practical level, customers will learn about the product with the brands, purchase the product, and then ‘Travelshoot’ gets an order
  • Travelshoot will then follow its standard process to find a suitable photographer and coordinate the whole experience for the customer – they will be working with customers directly.

Watch this for more…

Behind The Scenes –

The Travelshoot Story –

About Travelshoot

Travelshoot was founded in 2012 after Sarah Pearce and her husband were on a trip to New York and were lucky enough to spend an hour with a friend who was a local photographer.

It is Australia’s first destination photography service and connects travellers with local photographers around the world to easily capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Travelshoot helps couples and families to obtain high quality photos of their holiday or travel experience without stripping the holiday budget.

Each photoshoot is designed by the local photographers to ensure images are shot in the city’s best locations. For more information, please visit

About Flight Centre Travel Group

FLT now has about 3000 shops and businesses in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Ireland Holland and the United Arab Emirates.

After starting as a leisure travel agency, the company is now also one of the world’s largest corporate travel managers through a network of specialist brands that includes FCM, Corporate Traveller, cievents, Campus Travel and Stage & Screen.

For more information, please visit


Media enquiries to Deana Tynan

0403 040 461


BRISBANE will soon have the opportunity to grab more healthy salads and guilt-free treats on-the-go, with the opening of a second Botanica Real Food in Teneriffe.

Opening in May, the well-known boutique salad bar is another project by experienced chefs and married duo, Alison and Brett Hutley.

Foodies who love whole foods can expect to devour all their favourite salads and pre-packaged breakfasts as well as a few daily baked treats at the second Botanica bar.

Alison and Brett, said that it had been three years since they opened at Red Hill and believe they are ready to take on this new and exciting opportunity.

“All our health conscious customers have been asking for a second shop, so we couldn’t resist their demands,” Alison said.

“We recognise people are time poor and work hard, so we wanted to help them not only eat well but eat fresh real food,” she said.

“Botanica is making life a little leafier and a little easier.”

“All our salads, breakfasts and treats are a simple yet convenient option for people who are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle or just to eat top notch produce

“The food is a tasty takeaway option whether it is at lunchtime, after work, for those dinner party additions or catering for a work function.”

Botanica now serves 19 unique salads on rotation and will offer a variety of seven at all times as well as a variety of gluten free sweets.

Opening hours will be the same as Red Hill: 8am – 6pm weekdays and 9am – 5pm weekends.

See sample menus below:

Salad menu –

  • Shaved raw broccoli, dehydrated cranberries, almonds and garlic cashew cream
  • Chickpeas Panzanella with fresh tomato, roasted red capsicum, fresh basil and red wine vinegar
  • Baby pea and potato salad, fresh dill and green tahini dressing
  • Green Rice- brown rice with raw broccoli and cauliflower and coriander dressing
  • Israeli cous cous, roasted sweet potatoes, baby spinach, vegan super greens pesto
  • Shaved Red Cabbage, walnuts, parmesan and a sharp dijon vinaigrette
  • Raw Beetroot with orange blossom, orange, feta and mint
  • Kale, parmesan and sourdough croutons with roasted garlic dressing
  • Cumin roasted carrots and quinoa salad with raisins and parsley and hummus dressing
  • Freekah with roasted eggplant, prunes, mint, almonds and turmeric cashew cream
  • Beans with ginger pickled capsicum, sesame seeds and dill

Sweets menu -

  • Vegan Brownie with coconut caramel
  • Cinnamon bundt donut
  • Callebaut chocolate fudge cookies
  • Glazed mini lemon bundt cakes
  • Blueberry and lemon mini tea cakes with pistachio glaze
  • Mini callebaut chocolate and raspberry bar cakes
  • Cherry white chocolate and sour cream muffins
  • Ginger and golden syrup bar cake with poached pear
  • Vanilla bean cupcake
  • Fresh crushed strawberry cupcake
  • Passionfruit cupcake


Media enquiries to Olivia King on 0408 157 253 or email, on behalf of Botanica Real Food.


LEARN to cut straighter than John Deere, paint brighter than Andy Warhol, style sexier than Rachel Zoe and texture better than Instagram filters, thanks to the first hair education agency in Australia.

A must do master class for non-masters, ‘lil off the top’ is all about tailor making education for hairdressers and their salon teams.

The agency is providing a smorgasbord of techniques from cuts, colours and styles demonstrated on live models and mannequins, as well as providing tips on business and photo shoots.

Hairdressers can sign up for one-on-one sessions or take up a peep show – not an exhibition of nudie photos, but rather custom made educationals for groups to experience together.

The lads and gals behind the curtains include the Togninis family, Lance Liufau of the Loft Barbershop, Clive Allwright of Our Place Salon, Mia Devries of The Fox and The Hair Salon, plus many more industry heavyweights.

Australian Men’s Hairdresser of the Year and Australian and New Zealand Educator of the Year, Jules Tognini, said it was the first type of education agency that is a lil quirkier than the rest, but still provides real, honest training.

“We are encouraging everyday dudes and dudettes to be inspired by a look and ethos that represent all things them,” Jules said.

“During my early years as a hairdresser, I was lucky enough to have my dad, Benni, as my mentor so we thought it was a rad opportunity for hairdressers to experience the same and learn from a team of masters,” he said.

“Not only will it improve the skills of Aussie hairdressers, but it will also help them to educate their clients, so they can do the same at home.”

Salons are able to choose their educator and decide what skills they would like to learn.

Additionally, lil off the top will be partnering with evo.

“Everyone needs to remember that when you’ve got good hair, no one cares about your face.”

To book your LOTT sessions or find out more, head to


Media enquiries to Olivia King on 0408 157 253 or email, on behalf of lil off the top.


FOODIES on Brisbane’s south side can wake up to a refreshingly different dining scene this month, with the opening of a new cafe in the leafy suburb of Yeronga.

Seven South, named for being just seven kilometres south of the CBD, is the latest venture to be created by Gavin and Kylie Bartholomew, who previously owned Home Café in Ashgrove.

With a full-day menu that offers breakfast, lunch, bar snacks, dinner and desserts, Seven South puts its own twist on traditional favourites to serve locals a finger-licking list of top-notch meals in a comfortable setting.

Diners can expect to sample new flavours such as; lemon thyme, blueberry & ricotta hotcakes; grilled pork & fennel sausages; porcini sformato with shiraz reduction; smoked salmon fishcakes; and smokey bourbon & maple glazed beef ribs.

The fit out is clean and minimalistic, with accents of copper and greenery throughout, as well as a timber feature wall that is built of materials from the Brisbane floods to compliment its urban location.

Gavin and Kylie, who have more than 30 years of combined hospitality experience in Australia and abroad, said they wanted to create a place where people could feel at ease, while enjoying excellent food and service in a great atmosphere.

“We take fresh produce, respect it and create beautiful tasting dishes that look great on the plate – everything that can be made in-house is made by our team of chefs,” said Kylie.

“We’ve carefully thought about food pairings for both lunch and dinner, working closely with our wine supplier to ensure our food has a great wine to match.

“Our dishes are well priced and we are family friendly, plus we also love dogs and have plenty of space out the front for dogs to come with the family – we’ll give them some love and a water bowl.”

Head chef Sam Potter, who trained under Philip Johnston of Ecco and also worked at Coast in Hervey Bay, will be operating the kitchen at Seven South.

“Sam is talented and passionate about food – he worked with us at Home Café, so we know he will do an outstanding job,” said Kylie.

“We are also very lucky to have many other previous staff come across to work with us again, they share the same passion as we do for great food, excellent coffee and personal service.”

Seven South is located at 92 Hyde Road, Yeronga and is open 7 days a week from 6:30am.

Trading Hours:
Monday – Wednesday from 6:30am until 3:30pm.
Thursday – Saturday from 6:30am until late.
Sunday 6:30am – 4:00pm.

All media enquiries regarding Seven South, please contact Olivia King at The Press Garage on 0408 157 253 or email



It is common knowledge that breakfast is the favourite meal for most people and why wouldn’t it be?

From smashed avo on toast to baked eggs with goats cheese and bircher muesli with fresh fruit, breakfast can be eaten all day every day.

Since moving to Sydney a year ago, Liv has been on a mission to eat her way around town to find her to-go breakfast spots, guaranteed to not only be delicious but to have you going back for more.

Check out Liv’s top 6 breakfast places in Sydney:


  1. Bills in Darlinghurst

In 1992 breakfast became a whole lot better when Bills at Darlinghurst opened and let’s be honest, breakfast has never been the same since.

Well known for the ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter (anyone who knows me, knows our family makes these on Easter Sunday and Christmas morning) to the corn fritters with spinach and bacon and the soft boiled organic eggs, breakfast at bills is a must while in Sydney.


  1. Brown Sugar in Bondi

A small nook in Bondi, Brown Sugar serves a plate licking seasonal menu full of flavour.

Breakfast goers have the wide selection of dishes to choose from. Highly recommended includes the Moroccan eggs or onion and mushroom bialy and the breakfast platter.

Great service with a chilled atmosphere, Brown Sugar will tickle your tastebuds with its local and organic menu.


  1. Bread and Circus in Alexandria

Let’s all close our eyes and imagine eating goats chevre with heirloom tomatoes, torn basil, chilli flakes and lime on toast or crunchy granola with a selection of fresh, seasonal fruit with yoghurt and syrup.

Not sure about you but my mouth is watering and I am currently walking out of the office (see you in an hour Dee) on my way to have breakfast at Bread and Circus.

This fun, fresh café is a great pit stop for breakfast and is sure to never disappoint.


  1. Indigo in Double Bay

I should apologise in advance to anyone planning on coming to visit me this year, because we will be having breakfast at Indigo.

Situated in the heart of Double Bay, Indigo not only serves breakfast all day…yes you heard it right, breakfast ALL DAY but also has an enormous menu to pick from and you can sit in the middle of the road!

If it is your first time and you are feeling overwhelmed by the menu, our top three picks are the breakfast bruschetta, fluffy full milk pancakes and the open Spanish omelette.

A tip before going to Indigo, make sure you are hungry – Indigo serves big meals for a great price.


  1. Three Blue Ducks at Bronte

Three Blue Ducks slogan says it all ‘the place for lovers of real food”.

The cafe is worth the up-hill walk from Bronte beach as it sources products from local suppliers, uses organic and biodynamic produce and grows their own chemical-free fresh ingredients.

Started by friends Sam and Chris in 2010, locals and visitors are thanking the guys for opening the café.

Our menu picks include the mango lassi bircher muesli, house smoked salmon and the bacon and egg roll.


  1. Bondi Wholefoods at Bondi

Organic, clean and wholesome, Bondi Wholefoods is all about offering the best produce uncontaminated by toxic chemicals.

The homely café is aligned with a supermarket offering a wide range of organic and natural products. All I can say is what a great start to the weekend, breakfast and food shopping in one.

My favourites include the breakfast bowl, toast with smashed avo and mushroom bruschetta.


THIS year, 99 Bikes is turning it up a gear when it comes to its people, launching a unique employee giving initiative that gives back with the valuable gift of bikes.

The retailer has implemented a program that provides its employees with the opportunity to donate 1% of their annual wages to four bicycle aligned charities – Qhubeka, Good Cycles, Bikes4Life and Traction.

These proceeds will contribute towards a larger company-wide goal of donating 100,000 bikes to those in need.

Matt Turner, founder and managing director of 99 Bikes, said the wealth distribution around the world wasn’t quite right, so as a company, they wanted to create a cycle of hope.

“Bikes are often the backbone of life in many third world economic and provide much more than just recreation,” Matt said.

“They are more than just a means of transport to places of employment and education, but also provide access to food, water, medicine and shelter,” he said.

“The initiative is not just about giving, but also about creating opportunities to engage employees and allow them to make a difference,” he said.

“We have the systems in place to make it easier for employees to give to their chosen charity and allow them to see the direct results from their donations.”

Matt added that all 99 Bikes employees were incentivised based on their performance, so the better they performed in their own roles, the greater the positive impact they would have on the people in these communities.

Mark Kingston, sales consultant at 99 Bikes, strongly supports the company’s purpose and believes that those who can help have a responsibility to do so.

“It is a special honour to be a part of a company that thinks this way and uses its influence to expand to help others,” said Mark.

“Helping another person in need is one of the most gratifying experiences a human being can have,” he said.

99 Bikes is among many companies to have implemented employee giving programs, alongside Flight Centre, Red Cross and PwC, yet Matt encourages other retail companies to get onboard.

“We have noticed a general shift in companies moving away from being all about profit to being driven by purpose,” Matt said.

“By establishing our initiative, we hope to encourage other companies to follow suit and develop a corporate giving program of their own.

For more information on the initiative, head to

99 Bikes four beneficiaries are:

Qhubeka – Every $250 delivers one bike to Qhubeka, the charity based in Cape Town, South Africa. The bikes linked to those with good school attendance and academic results.

Good Cycles – Every $300 delivers a bike to Good Cycles based in Docklands, Melbourne. The program works with asylum seekers, refugees, long term unemployed individuals and youth. Bikes are used to educate, empower and employee.

Bikes4Life – Every $100 delivers a bike to Bikes4Life, a charity based in Melbourne that also works in remote Australia and Africa. The bikes are sent in a container to remote, disadvantaged communities with the container transformed into a workshop to keep the bikes operational.

Traction – Every $150 delivers at least on bike to Traction, based in Capalaba Queensland. Helps young people deliver their talents, build self-belief and create their own successful future. Funds will buy new BMX bikes.


Media enquiries to Olivia King on 0408 157 253 or email, on behalf of 99 Bikes.


Earning attention? Influencing audience behaviour? Telling brand stories? Engaging audiences in social channels?    Deana Tynan uncovers the future of PR and some of the challenges faced by PR professionals today.

Twenty years ago, landing a spot in ‘traditional’ media outlets, such as an article in a newspaper publication or a spot on television talk show was enough to guarantee that your story would be heard.

But, fast forward to 2016, an era of click bait, short attention spans and endless social media channels, and you have an entirely different scenario at play.

As media consumption continues to shift into the digital realm, PR professionals have also had to shift the way they present content.

Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media channels have transformed the relationship between the members of the public and those communicating with them.

It’s no longer as simple as traditional media. Today, the landscape may be built upon traditional media, but it encompasses digital PR strategies with a dash of social engagement (social media, blogging, etc.), brand journalism, thought leadership, SEO strategies, and content strategies, to name a few.

PR, as we know it, was always and will always be about ‘content development’ and ‘content management’. The only difference is that today’s multi-channel landscape provides new innovative technologies to create better content and disseminate this content to a wider audience.

New terms, described below, have appeared in the industry, and terms like ‘content marketing’ and ‘earned media’ are often used instead of the term ‘public relations’.

Here’s what they really mean:


Brand journalism is telling a story related to your brand’s expertise. This method is used by many forward thinking companies and is extremely valuable, as the audience is engaged and, therefore, interested to learn more about the brand.


PR campaigns are no longer simply judged by the sheer number of impressions, so multimedia utilisation is vital. Visual media such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are considerably more relevant when defining success because PR professionals must position their clients to be buzz-worthy or trending. Furthermore, every PR campaign must be supported by an appropriate sales and marketing strategy in order to be effective.


No longer is just one technology or one business writer or editor for an outlet. Each category has been broken out into multiple subcategories—for example under business there are subdivisions for entrepreneurism, small business, international business, etc.—and it is imperative PR professionals reach out to these highly targeted niche influencers to effectively grow brand recognition.

The scope of opportunities is increasing and PR professionals need to continue to adopt forward thinking and accept the innovators.

Agencies still control the facts, but they must collaborate with the like of influencers and bloggers, so they don’t face backlash.

At its core PR is still about great storytelling, but the future of PR is about creating a shareable experience. Measuring only media coverage is a way of the past. PR professionals must now target to engage their clients’ audience and have them be a part of the news cycle.