Earning attention? Influencing audience behaviour? Telling brand stories? Engaging audiences in social channels?    Deana Tynan uncovers the future of PR and some of the challenges faced by PR professionals today.

Twenty years ago, landing a spot in ‘traditional’ media outlets, such as an article in a newspaper publication or a spot on television talk show was enough to guarantee that your story would be heard.

But, fast forward to 2016, an era of click bait, short attention spans and endless social media channels, and you have an entirely different scenario at play.

As media consumption continues to shift into the digital realm, PR professionals have also had to shift the way they present content.

Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media channels have transformed the relationship between the members of the public and those communicating with them.

It’s no longer as simple as traditional media. Today, the landscape may be built upon traditional media, but it encompasses digital PR strategies with a dash of social engagement (social media, blogging, etc.), brand journalism, thought leadership, SEO strategies, and content strategies, to name a few.

PR, as we know it, was always and will always be about ‘content development’ and ‘content management’. The only difference is that today’s multi-channel landscape provides new innovative technologies to create better content and disseminate this content to a wider audience.

New terms, described below, have appeared in the industry, and terms like ‘content marketing’ and ‘earned media’ are often used instead of the term ‘public relations’.

Here’s what they really mean:


Brand journalism is telling a story related to your brand’s expertise. This method is used by many forward thinking companies and is extremely valuable, as the audience is engaged and, therefore, interested to learn more about the brand.


PR campaigns are no longer simply judged by the sheer number of impressions, so multimedia utilisation is vital. Visual media such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are considerably more relevant when defining success because PR professionals must position their clients to be buzz-worthy or trending. Furthermore, every PR campaign must be supported by an appropriate sales and marketing strategy in order to be effective.


No longer is just one technology or one business writer or editor for an outlet. Each category has been broken out into multiple subcategories—for example under business there are subdivisions for entrepreneurism, small business, international business, etc.—and it is imperative PR professionals reach out to these highly targeted niche influencers to effectively grow brand recognition.

The scope of opportunities is increasing and PR professionals need to continue to adopt forward thinking and accept the innovators.

Agencies still control the facts, but they must collaborate with the like of influencers and bloggers, so they don’t face backlash.

At its core PR is still about great storytelling, but the future of PR is about creating a shareable experience. Measuring only media coverage is a way of the past. PR professionals must now target to engage their clients’ audience and have them be a part of the news cycle.



THE STOCK EXCHANGE HOTEL was unveiled to media and VIP guests under the disguise of a “secret rooftop garden” party on Thursday night, October 2.

Sydney’s well-known Riversdale Group acquired The Stock Exchange in 2013, with grand visions to revamp and recreate a space where Brisbane’s young professional crowd could savour, relax and enjoy good vibes in an inner city location.

The Riverdale Group, which is co-owned by entrepreneurial heavyweights John Singleton, Mark Carnegie, Geoff Dixon and Allan Johnston, is known for its already strong portfolio of pubs and hotels in Sydney’s top locations including Surry Hills, Newtown and the CBD.

In Queensland, the Stock Exchange is the third venue to join the Riversdale Group’s growing list of acquisitions, sitting alongside The Elephant Hotel and Greaser Bar, both in Fortitude Valley.

Riversdale Group CEO Andrew Gibbs said the new look “Stockie” was designed to take Brisbane on a journey down memory lane; drawing on the venue’s 150-year of history, quality food and premium pub beverages.

“We have given the entire venue a makeover, moving it away from its old gaming focus and nightclub feel to encourage more refined bistro style dining, a relaxed pub culture and sunset cocktails on the rooftop,” Andrew said.

“The new look will appeal more to inner city corporates by day and into the early evening, as well as entice the younger crowd to party late into the night and at the weekends,” he said.

“We are very proud of what we have created and hope that Brisbane embraces the Stock Exchange, bringing it back to it’s old glory.”

Last Thursday, October 2, the Rooftop Garden Bar played host to springtime soiree in the form of a “Secret Rooftop Garden” party, welcoming more than 300 movers and shakers to the inner city oasis to officially launch the renovated venue.

The hidden rooftop oasis, filled with flower baskets, lush greenery and festoon lighting, is centered on an impressive cocktail bar serving up fresh pressed juices and boutique ingredients – mixed, shaken or stirred into your cocktail of choice.

Yet, this is just one section of the Stock Exchange Hotel.

A new entrance at street level welcomes CBD workers and passers-by to stop in for a schooner, unwind and watch the world go by amidst a character filled public bar, reclaiming a space that was once hidden by TAB facilities.

Patrons can also feast on gourmet pub grub from Stockie Kitchen, tastefully furnished with designer bistro décor, bespoke wallpaper and beveled glass chandeliers.

General manager Brett Gibson, who hails from Paddington’s Iceworks hotel, has been recently appointed and says he is nothing but thrilled to be bringing the old Stockie back into conversation.

“The new Stockie is set to become the centrepoint for Brisbane CBD corporates, foodies and late night crowds alike, as it really carters for all ages and tastes,” Brett said.

“It is such an iconic venue and I’m most excited about returning it to its former glory, as the CBD’s local watering hole,” he said.

“We are working really hard to give the people what they want, so expect bigger and better events, awesome weekend promotions and quality food and beverages.”

The Stock Exchange is now open for business and gearing up for a few big months ahead, as events and functions fill the calendar into spring and summer.

For more information or bookings enquiries, phone the Stock Exchange Hotel or visit http://www.theexchange.com.au/.


Upcoming Events –

  • Melbourne Cup at Stock Exchange Hotel
  • Sundays at Stock Exchange Hotel
  • Christmas Functions at Stock Exchange Hotel


A New Beast Grazes The Valley_Blog

A New Beast Grazes the Valley

BEER enthusiasts and music lovers can prepare themselves for a feast that tickles all the senses at the new Woolly Mammoth Alehouse, defrosting late September.

Inhabiting Ann Street in Fortitude Valley, The Woolly Mammoth Alehouse is a multipurpose and experiential space consisting of three distinct areas – the Alehouse, Garden Bar and Mane Stage, catering for a cultural cross section of patrons.

Owner Lachlan Bird, also owner of West End institution Lock N Load Bistro, wanted to bring the first contemporary beer hall to the Valley precinct, where beer lovers could taste Queensland’s largest selection of craft beers, some of which sourced from local brewers.

“We wanted to change the pace of the Valley, taking locals and varied visitors on a journey of quality craft beer, rustic food off-the-bone and some of the best entertainment in Brisbane,” said Bird.

“The contemporary design of the downstairs Alehouse is reminiscent of an old beer hall, where beer lovers can experience 31 craft taps, along with grazing tables of hearty food and out-of-the-box late night dining options.”

The Garden Bar, adorned with astro-turf for indoor bocce and giant Jenga, offers an event experience that will keep guests jovial and entertained until the wee hours.”

Interiors are sure to impress Brisbane lovers of design crafted by Alexander Lotersztain of Derlot Design, the architectural mastermind behind venues including Depo, Alfred & Constance and Kwan brothers.

“We wanted the venue to inspire people, to transport them to another world, a world where entertainment goes hand in hand with food, superior ales and an array of offerings for functions, whilst making the most of the building’s prime footprint in the heart of Fortitude Valley.”

“In an effort to respect the original integrity of the building we have highlighted the existing exposed brick and cobblestone pillars coupled with a sleek design combining hard lumber and striking artwork,” said Lotersztain.

Punters can also expect large scale touring acts on the Mane Stage, a space fully fitted with state of the art PA and production equipment, as well as intimate comedy, burlesque and local live shows downstairs on the Alehouse stage.

Entertainment doesn’t stop here, with Brisbane beer legend and advocate Matt Kirkegaard hosting regular beer education events and corporate tastings.

BIGSOUND News Alert:

 Woolly Mammoth Alehouse Mane Stage will be christened before the official opening at this year’s BIGSOUND festival (9-11th of September), showcasing the festivals headlining acts including Alison Wonderland, Safia, Indian Summer, Oisima, Sampology and more in the premium new gig space.

 Tickets available at www.bigsound.org.au.

Juiced TV Brings Happiness into Hospitals

CHILDREN’S TV personality, Pip Russell, is embarking on a mission to give sick kids in hospital back their childhood by creating a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience, called Juiced.

After nine years in children’s television at Network Ten, the talented and warm-hearted presenter left her role with Totally Wild to pursue her dream of producing the first ever television show made by the kids in hospital, for the kids in hospital.

The Juiced program is based on four fundamental elements – a weekly television show; weekly hand-on-happiness; patient experiences; and digital channels for community engagement.

She has the support of the Children’s Hospital Foundation in Brisbane, and also teamed up with local production company TPD Media, who are behind shows like The Great South East and Queensland Weekender.

Pip’s vision for Juiced is to improve the hospital journey for patients who have serious injuries or long-term critical illnesses by broadcasting weekly episodes internally throughout the hospital.

“Juiced is going to change how kids experience hospital,” said Pip.

“Current and past patients of the hospital wards will have the chance host their own segments, help with story lines and feature their families, while other segments will be local talents, entertainers and staff,” said Pip.

“Every week, we will coordinate a ‘hands on happiness’ experience for the kids to interact with animals, magicians, sports and loads of other fun stuff.

“We will also arrange special ‘getaway’ experiences for patients to fulfill their dreams – these could be anything from a hot lap in a race car to swimming with dolphins, horse riding or meeting their sports idol.”

For Juiced to become a reality, Pip is launching a crowd-funding campaign from Monday, August 4 until September 12 to raise $15,000 to kick-start basic production of Juiced process, including design, animation, filming, editing and development of a website.

“Without the support of the general public, it’s impossible to get the program off the ground.

“The more days of filming and editing we can cover, means the more content for Juiced TV we can produce, the more experiences we can create for the patients and families, and in turn, the more lives will benefit from Juiced.”

Pip’s long-standing relationship means that the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane would be the first hospital in Australia to deliver the program to children.

Children’s Hospital Foundation Director of Volunteer and Entertainment Services Nick Van Dyke said, “We believe the positive benefits of this project will be immense. It will give kids a greater sense of confidence while having a great deal of fun, and ultimately we hope it helps to enhance their positivity and speed up their recovery process.”

The program will officially launch in January 2015 at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, which is the largest children’s hospital in the southern hemisphere.

Watch video teaser for JUICED TV here

For more information on JUICED visit www.juicedtv.com.au

See JUICED crowd funding campaign page pozi.be/juiced


Today’s changing marketing environment has opened up a variety of new creative opportunities for brands to tell their story. Now, more than ever, brands are acknowledging that they need to innovate to keep up with new entrants to their markets and stay top of mind with their customers.

Content that has been ‘uniquely created’ by a brand or business has won the digital war as being more valuable, as it provides plenty of possibilities to communicate a message.

Below are a few of the parallels we see exist between PR and content marketing.

What do they have in common?

- Both require an angle or a storyline, which can be developed in greater detail whether it be through video, audio or the written word and used to communicate message to a group of people.

- Both have a key audience, who is willing to listen and fed messages about a topic of relevance to them.

- There is an objective to promote a brand or service.

- There is a relationship in place with members of the public, who have the power to be your customers and your brand advocates.

Why does one need the other?

- Public relations professionals are lost without unique content to create noise, basically because it provides a reason for them to talk to the media about the brand or business they represent.

- Media requires good content in order to tell a good story to their audiences, whether it be photographs of food, interviews with key people or video footage that evokes emotion.

- The public is hungry for the details, especially when it involves a product or place, so having the right content available means that you can surprise and delight them.

- Content is helpful for building positive brand associations with the general public, even if they’ve never heard of your brand or sampled your services.

- Unique content can reach a wider audience without the relationship PR professionals have with the media to act as a third party for news.

- There are synergies between publicity stunts and shareable content for social media.

- Social media is a direct platform for building public relations in today’s tech era, offering plenty of opportunity for customers and followers to share content with their own “friends” and “friends of friends”.

- Content marketing often speaks louder than words on visual platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, by encouraging customers to converse directly with brands…a great tool for tracking what content customers like and what they don’t like.

It’s clear that one really relies on the other, so it’s important that you have the right mix of both.

The Press Garage has adopted PR methods that collaborate with others and foster the development of unique content. Speak to us about how we can help you.



STAR-filled skies, rodeos and red dusty landscapes are images that have punctuated Australian film since the beginning, and now for the first time, Queensland’s outback is transforming itself into a visionary kaleidoscope that is sure to delight fans.

This month, film buffs, aspiring filmmakers and outback locals have the chance to experience real Aussie cinematography under the stars at the inaugural ‘The Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival’ in Winton, held from June 27 to the July 6.

Winton, a small town located a few hours west of Longreach in Queensland’s outback, is commonly known as the birthplace of our ‘unofficial’ national anthem Waltzing Matilda, but is also notorious for being the start of the QANTAS brand.

The 10-day Vision Splendid Film Festival embraces the outback spirit and showcases a program of classic Australian films, educational events and social activities.

Special guest and leading Australian filmmaker Bill Leimbach, who is about to start filming the next Australian epic “Waltzing Matilda” in the region, will be in attendance at the festival to share his passions for Australia cinema.

Mayor of Winton Butch Lenton said despite the struggles of a drought and ongoing farm closures, the spirit and fight of the local community is still alive and well.

“It’s truly an honour for Winton to stage the first cinematic spectacular in the Queensland Outback and we are looking forward to welcoming new faces to the region to celebrate the rich history of Australian cinematography, under the stars,” he said.

“There is no doubt that the festival will bring back the excitement in our community and encourage people to visit the region, no matter what age.”

The festival will be hosted at a variety of locations throughout the shire including the Waltzing Matilda Centre, the North Gregory Hotel and the Royal Open-Air Theatre offering an outback experience like never before.

Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival Curator and University of New South Wales film lecturer, Dr Greg Dolgopolov describes the event as:

“Some of the best known examples of Australian cinema tend to be films that have been shot in the outback and that is why we’ve developed a film program of outback inspired films.”

“To further capture the spirit of the Outback we’re holding a short film competition called A Town Like Winton”.

Media enquires for Outback Queensland Tourism Association, please contact Deana Tynan on deana@thepressgarage.com.au or call 0403 040 461



Mr Butch Lenton, Mayor, Winton Shire Council
Dr Greg Dolgopolov, Festival Curator.
Matt Bron, Outback Queensland Tourism Association Director


LOCATION: Winton, Outback Queensland

DATES: Friday, June 27 to Sunday, July 6, 2014

TRAVEL HINTS: Spaces are limited. Book your accommodation and tickets in advance and BYO blanket to enjoy evening films under the stars.

INFORMATION: Program, travel and tickets visit visionsplendid.com.au and follow the latest announcements at Facebook.com/visionsplendidfilmfest

Curl up with a Crumpet_Blog


NOSTALGIC winter dishes are making their way onto menus around town this winter, with old school favourites such as the honey crumpet and cheese jaffles re-emerging as menu stars.

The Chelsea Bistro at The Barracks is tempting foodies out from beneath their blankets to enjoy a trip down memory lane with nourishing, comfort-food breakfast offerings reminiscent of childhood treats.

Steve Ackerie, owner of the Chelsea, is proud to say that his café is one of Brisbane’s only nooks serving homemade crumpets, plated up with locally sourced honeycomb butter!

“For many of us the humble crumpet brings back childhood memories of chilly mornings at home in our pyjamas, so we have put our spin on an old classic,” said Steve.

“A good crumpet is the perfect harmony between a plain piece of toast and a buttery croissant, not an overly indulgent breakfast, but still enough to make you smile.”

On the other hand nothing warms the tummy more than melted ham and cheese toasties, fondly remembered as jaffles, which are a perfect take-away option or late morning snack.

Steve says, forget experimental dishes and outlandish flavours, sometimes it is the simple things in life that are the most delicious.

“At a time where café’s are competing for the most unique and groundbreaking dishes, we are bringing things back to basics this winter to satisfy our regulars with quality, home-style cooking,” said Steve.

Don’t be put off by the outside chills this winter, The Chelsea Bistro is the perfect locale to hibernate, whether swinging by for a coffee and a homemade muffin or dining in the beautiful, heated courtyard – BYO beanie.

*Photos and interviews can be arranged
Media enquiries to Deana Tynan on 0403 040 461 or deana@thepressgarage.com.au


SWIPE your way to romance this Valentines Day and get your Tinder on at The Fox Hotel at a singles-only night of fun and flirtation, without tacky balloons and candles.

Off the back of enormous cyber-success, The Fox Hotel celebrates phone-dating App ‘Tinder’, by gathering sassy single users to try their luck at love offline at an evening rooftop party.

For those unfamiliar with the free dating App, singles sign up using their Facebook information and geographic location to then experience the matchmaking magic, given the option to ‘swipe’ yes to those who may tickle their fancy.

The free event kicks off at 7pm on February 14 and will be hosted by David “Luttsy” Lutteral from Nova 106.9FM, whose cheeky whit and famous one-liners are sure to break any ice that those more bashful singles fear to face.

It’s even rumoured that Luttsy may have his own Tinder account switched on for the evening… watch out ladies.

The Fox Hotel’s general manager, Rohan Topley, said the team liked to do thing differently and had already received more than 200 registrations for the light-hearted event.

“We promise no perfumed roses or metallic balloons – just cocktails, great views, Tinder matching and keen singles,” said Rohan.

“Once guests arrive, all they need to do is switch on Tinder and reduce their range to 1km to let the magic happen – who knows where true love is found these days.”

Singles will be treated to their first drink on arrival by registering in advance or matching with The Fox Hotel’s profile on Tinder.

Lovebirds can expect delicious cocktails and saucy food offerings from the char grilled kitchen, to be enjoyed against the Brisbane nightscape backdrop of Dandy’s Rooftop that Fox fans know and love.

Avoid a cringe-worthy blind dates, a bucket of ice cream and a rom-com alone this Valentines Day and broaden your dating horizons with some tech-savvy romance.

Register at thefox.com.au/tinder and follow all the action on the evening via hashtag #tinderfox.
See thefox.com.au or call The Fox Hotel on 3844 2883 for more details.



BRISSIE locals are in for a real treat this Australia Day, as The Fox Hotel serves up a brew of good ol’ Aussie favourites with a twist, from Pavlova Jugs and Weiss Bar Cocktails to polystyrene Eskys filled with XXXX Gold Beers and a Mini Lamb Pie Eating Competition.

Named as one of the official Triple J Hottest 100 venues, The Fox Hotel is welcoming more than 1000 party lovers to the popular watering hole for Soho Sunday’s Australia Day Bash to celebrate Triple J’s Hottest 100 from 3pm.

Party legend Warwick Capper has come on board to act as the official host for the event and has even offered to sing his very own rendition of ‘Capper Cabana’ live on stage.

When he’s not woo-ing the ladies, you will find him hovering over the Sausage Sizzle, sharing stories of his days as an AFL football star or swimming in giant blow up pools in his DTs.

General manager of The Fox Hotel, Rohan Topley, said Brisbane was calling out for a relaxed no-fuss party that celebrated Aussie music, Aussie designers and Aussie brands.

“Warwick Capper is the epitome of the quintessential Aussie; carefree, laughable and likes to party. We are thrilled that he could share in The Fox’s celebrations, as we host an official Triple J Hottest 100 soiree for fans in Brisbane,” said Rohan.

“We will be playing Triple J’s Hottest 100 loud and clear throughout the entire venue until 7:30pm, as well as showcasing Brisbane’s local designer Molly & Polly Swimwear in a fashion parade from 5pm, followed by a XXXX Kenga party upstairs at Dandy’s rooftop.

“Plus, we’re giving party lovers the chance to win Future Music tickets on the day, as well as holding a Future Music Festival Launch Party downstairs in our Longbar.”

There will also be free zinc and Aussie flags, as well as a chance to win a meat tray or a super large beer Esky in an all day raffle.

See thefox.com.au or call The Fox Hotel on 3844 2883 for more details.

ENDS. Media enquiries to Deana Tynan on 0403 040 461 or deana@thepressgarage.com.au


BUDDING florists can bring a little floral cheer to their home or office this Christmas, with tips and tricks from Brisbane florist Bouquet Boutique.

Bouquet Boutique’s creative director and floristry educator, Geraldine Hore, is sharing her years of experience and passion for floristry design in a series of private and group flower workshops at her New Farm store in November and December.

The first workshop kicked off this week, themed around ‘Floristry at Home’, and the next will be in the tune of ‘Christmas Floral Design’ on Tuesday, December 12.

Geraldine said fresh flower arrangements were popular this festive season, as more people delve into do-it-yourself themes for private events and parties.

“Summer is a great time of the year to add some natural colour and fragrance to your home or work environment, particularly because flowers and are in abundance this season,” Geraldine said.

“With a few simple tips, you can adorn a long table with low-lying foliage or brighten up your front entrance with some tall vases, while savings money on store-bought decorations that are likely to be out-of-date by next Christmas,” she said.

“Floristry really has become fashionable right now, so it’s encouraging to see more people showing an interest in making something magical for themselves or their friends this Christmas.”

Geraldine brings more than 10 years experience in the florist industry to the workshops, with her knowledge spanning native flower cultivation and traditional floristry design for events, weddings and corporate styling.

At Bouquet Boutique, she combines her greatest passions – creativity, nature and interior design – to produce outstanding floral visions that are at the forefront of the industry.

Next flower workshop coming up…
Christmas Floral Design
Tuesday 10 December, from 6.30pm to 9pm
$135 per person, including all flowers and materials
Class sizes are limited, so book early.
For more information, call 3254 1066 or see bouquetboutique.com.au/education/