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Coffee drinkers, chocoholics and pastry lovers, don’t look any further, we have roasted and poured a list of our top eastern suburb Sydney picks to get your daily coffee and delicacy fix.

Our newest member, Liv King, has sipped and eaten her way around Sydney to find her top 5 coffee and sweet treat cafes.

  1. Don Campos – Alexandria

Regulars know that Campos coffee is going to plunge some happiness into their hearts after the first sip. And, the brand is known for its superior service, so you’ll never be waiting too long.

The clean-cut store, not only has your coffee covered, but also serves up plenty of decadent treats to satisfy any cravings.

Mouth-watering croissants, sugar-licking donuts, scrumptious Danishes and freshly baked muffins, are some of the exquisite delights available.

Customers can experience the hustle and bustle of the morning rush by dining in, or for those in a hurry, coffee perfection is provided in a trendy green takeaway cup.

  1. The Grounds of Alexandria – Alexandria

Have you ever dreamed of drinking your perfect cappuccino in the company of a giant pig? Well, The Grounds is your place to do it.

Kevin Bacon, The Grounds resident porky friend, ensures visitors have a unique experience, whether it is in the usual inside dining space or in the outdoor garden café.

These coffee fanatics roasted beans, are selected on their unique qualities and are constantly changing to ensure the blends achieve the best tasting coffee.

The Grounds plates up a wholesome and rustic menu filled with innovative takes on classic dishes such as my favourite, baked eggs – eggs, beans, yoghurt, pistachios and sourdough toast and a skinny latte on the side.

  1. Single Origin Roasters – Surry Hills

Nicknamed ‘Single O’, this funky nook opened in 2003, establishing itself in the Surry Hills hub.

The Surry Hills café was Single O’s first home. In addition, Brew Bar right next-door serves all the pour overs, cold brews, espressos, aero presses and the clever coffee dripper.

If you have some time, definitely sit, relax and try a slice of Single Origin’s banana bread with the melted goodness of espresso butter on top. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Bourke Street Bakery – Surry Hills

This little corner bakery is a hand crafted work of art. Not only are its gourmet breads & pastries baked daily, 362 days a year, the team also brews delicious coffee.

If you love the combination of coffee and pastry, like us, you will be dreaming of this delectable bakery’s honest, rustic and oh so delicious sweet and savoury bites.

A wide variety of goodies are available, but we recommend the chocolate or almond croissants. If you’re looking for something a little more naughty, a Bourke Street Bakery chocolate tart is something you won’t regret.

  1. Reuben Hills – Surry Hills

A café, coffee roastery and retailer, Reuben Hills is a Monday morning favourite.

Tucked away in Surry Hills, it’s authenticity and homeliness, makes us keep going back for more.

Reuben Hills serves a wide selection of delicious dishes including soft baked eggs, an omelette roll, organic bircher muesli, and my favourite the banana peanuts & espresso bread.

Happy coffee and patisserie consumption!