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NOSTALGIC winter dishes are making their way onto menus around town this winter, with old school favourites such as the honey crumpet and cheese jaffles re-emerging as menu stars.

The Chelsea Bistro at The Barracks is tempting foodies out from beneath their blankets to enjoy a trip down memory lane with nourishing, comfort-food breakfast offerings reminiscent of childhood treats.

Steve Ackerie, owner of the Chelsea, is proud to say that his café is one of Brisbane’s only nooks serving homemade crumpets, plated up with locally sourced honeycomb butter!

“For many of us the humble crumpet brings back childhood memories of chilly mornings at home in our pyjamas, so we have put our spin on an old classic,” said Steve.

“A good crumpet is the perfect harmony between a plain piece of toast and a buttery croissant, not an overly indulgent breakfast, but still enough to make you smile.”

On the other hand nothing warms the tummy more than melted ham and cheese toasties, fondly remembered as jaffles, which are a perfect take-away option or late morning snack.

Steve says, forget experimental dishes and outlandish flavours, sometimes it is the simple things in life that are the most delicious.

“At a time where café’s are competing for the most unique and groundbreaking dishes, we are bringing things back to basics this winter to satisfy our regulars with quality, home-style cooking,” said Steve.

Don’t be put off by the outside chills this winter, The Chelsea Bistro is the perfect locale to hibernate, whether swinging by for a coffee and a homemade muffin or dining in the beautiful, heated courtyard – BYO beanie.

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