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TODAY’S generation invented the phrase FOMO (aka. Fear Of Missing Out), but can you believe that more than half of social media users actually suffer from it?

This was the perplexing fact that I stumbled across recently, in an article posted on the popular news forum Mashable. The article stated that 56% of social media users were in fact addicted to checking their profiles at least once a day, with 26% claiming they would trade other addictions, such as smoking or watching reality TV, for social media networking.

Smartphones have redefined our routines and made a significant impact on the way we communicate, the way we socialize and the way we do business – globally. In an era where companies are finally beginning to understand the benefits of going mobile, it’s encouraging to see that it is for a good reason.

I’ve never really given my personal social media usage much thought, until now. I’m just like the rest of us, regularly checking-in with my Facebook friends to see what’s making news first up in the morning, and then I might jump on Twitter in my lunch break and scroll Instagram in my PJs after dinner. And of course there’s Linked In while I’m at work, but that’s for business, and to get my creative juices going, I’d take a peek on Pinterest.

Sure, I like learning that my friends have announced their engagement or bought a puppy. And, I’m as guilty as the next person for stalking the gym junkies to get my own #fitspiration for great abs or a #dream #holiday in #paris.

Yet, I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m afraid of missing the boat on some collective gossip.

To be honest, it takes away the element of surprise and blurs the line between true friends and acquaintances. For instance, let’s flash back to your high school reunion. If you were attending a decade ago, you would have been looking forward to seeing what jobs the smart kids had; who had raised the most offspring; or who had tied the knot and/or divorced a few years later. Nowadays, that kind of information is what’s clogging up your news feed. There is has become a lack of privacy, with plenty of couples even posting images of their 16-week baby scans on their profile page.

So, to wrap up, it may be true that the public can suffer FOMO on social media, but it can’t be a bad thing.

In fact, I think it’s a great issue to be faced with for brands and businesses that are already conversing in this space. For a brand to leverage their addiction, it must be successful in connecting with its audience.

That’s enough from us – we’ve got social media updates to post!

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