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YOUNG professionals in high paying roles are tucking into passion projects that are more in line with their wellness goals to create a lifestyle they don’t have to feel guilty about.

Snackwize, a new ‘first of its kind’ service founded by health & fitness marketing professional Conor Reynolds, is committed to delivering all natural sweet and savoury snacks to workplaces across Australia.

Since launching less than a year ago, Reynolds has already secured some big accounts, including lululemon athletica, Hutchinson Builders, Cromwell Property Group, Data3, Technology One and Canva.

Reynolds, who separately works in a full-time corporate role, delivers more than 5,000 snacks monthly to companies, yet believes the healthy snack delivery industry in Australia is still in its infancy compared to the USA, Canada and the UK.

Having observed first-hand poor eating habits and uneducated choices made by time-poor executives in his own offices, he saw a niche for a convenient healthy snack delivery service.

“Snackwise grew from an apparent opportunity to provide people in the workplace with nutritious snacks that they could grab between meetings to keep hunger pains at bay.

“Today, many corporates reach for the quickest thing to get them through their afternoon slump – most of the time this is something processed and high in sugar that leaves them feeling even more exhausted an hour later,” said Reynolds.

“I wanted to give people a choice when it came to snacking, and educate them on how to pick the right snacks that fit in with their lifestyle and health goals,” he said.

The business is completely self-funded, and Reynolds, who started it with just $2000, says his growth strategy is focused on expanding its customer base and helping more companies move towards providing healthy snacks for their employees.

“To date, I have personally cold called 250 companies, and have learnt a lot in the past year on what works and what doesn’t work when building a business.

“I know there are still plenty of learning curves ahead, but it’s amazing how much you can achieve in a short period, when you’re passionate about something.”

Snackwize offers a wide selection of snacks from the gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo and vegan, to those that are non-genetically-modified with non-refined sugars.

Some of the delicious morsels include wholefood bars, kale chips, coconut chips, beef jerky, protein balls, cashews, trail mixes and more.

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