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Finding a place to eat in Sydney can be overwhelming when you are a newcomer, with way too many recommendations!

Sydney hipster Connie Tynan has broken it down for you and listed her Top 5 Sydney eateries. Have a read, get out the diary and schedule in some serious indulging!


1.     Missy K

Missy K has quickly become my all time favourite dumpling and Asian cuisine go-to! Originally located in Surry Hills, Missy K has made a move to Paddington and offers takeaway, delivery and dine-in options. In a nutshell, it’s a healthy take on the usual greasy take-away options and will have you waving your chopsticks to order more.

Favourite meal: Crispy chicken and long life noodles stir-fried with Asian veggies and the Traditional Peking duck pancakes accompanied by a fresh coconut!


2.      Cubbyhouse

Located in The Spot at Randwick, Cubbyhouse is an undiscovered foodies dream. Boasting a menu that ranges from crispy pork belly to moreton bay bugs, this is a restaurant that needs to be visited on an empty stomach with a table full of friends to make use of the share plates. As well as the outrageously good food, Cubbyhouse is known for their array of cocktails. With names such as Django Unchained, Pulp Fiction and Inglourious Basterds, these are must try!

Favourite share plates: Crispy Pork Belly (Cubbyhouse style); Devil Prawns and Calamari; Hand Sliced Potato Crisps.


2.     Churburger

The first time I visited Churburger, I had a burger epiphany and I have never been the same since. Voted the best burgers in Sydney and regularly topping Sydney’s foodie lists, Churburger is taking the lunchtime rush by storm. With $10 burgers and ideal locations, who can really pass up the glossy brioche bun?

Favourite meal: Grilled beef, cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo and pickle burger with sweet potato fries and an extra thick salted caramel milkshake.


3.     The Stuffed Beaver Dining Parlour

My guilty pleasure… The Stuffed Beaver brings me all kinds of happiness. Located in Bondi, it is an American food lover’s dream. The menu is overwhelming to say the least and more time is spent deliberating over what to order rather than eating it. Grab a booth, some friends and settle in with some craft brews.

Favourite spread: Classic Poutine Pommes Frites; Beaver BBQ Wings; ‘Sup Dog.


4.     Kepos Street Kitchen

Kepos Street Kitchen is hidden in a Redfern laneway and considerably out of the mix – which makes it all more appealing (no waiting!). The menu is unique and has a Middle Eastern twist that is sure to excite the taste buds. The standout for me though is the fish kefta, with smoky eggplant salad and pomegranate balsamic … all time!

Favourite  item:  Cinnamon dusted churros with a salted caramel spread