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Attention all dog lovers! Creative duo Jason Starr and Sally Ogilvie have let the dogs off the leash to create an intimate photo shoot, shining the spotlight on rescue pups ahead of the festive season.

Collaborating with local printing and graphic design agencies, the husband and wife pair bring you ‘Unleashed’, a 2016 calendar of photographed rescue pups, created to raise awareness of rescue dogs around Australia.

The paw-tastic calendar is dedicated to rescue dog owners with 100% of proceeds going directly to RSPCA Queensland.

Together, Jason and Sally have established a photography agency that is widely recognised for capturing special and intimate photos, with a highly regarded reputation based on their work on weddings.

In a bid to create a personal project, the pair and their beloved rescue dog, Crinkle, have crafted a calendar of a dozen beautifully and artistically captured moments of rescue dogs, all with the hope to help other furry friends find loving homes.

What started as a shout out on social media, to find four legged models quickly grew to become a larger conversation around adopting rescue dogs rather than shopping, under the #adoptdontshop.

Drawing on her own experience, Sally’s furry pal Crinkle was lost and scared when her husband and herself took a chance on the young pup.

“Pouring love into Crinkle, has seen the dog blossom into the dog she was destined to become” and for that she believes she has become so much better for loving Crinkle,” Sally said.

“The calendar is really to raise awareness that rescue dogs can make the best pets – all it takes is love and commitment,” she said.

“A couple of our dog models didn’t have such a great start in life, but look at them now! So happy, and are the apple of their owners’ eyes.”

Sally believes “you make the dog, and the dog makes you.”

“This was the constant theme of our shoots – how much these owners love their dogs and in turn, how much these dogs love their owners,” Sally said.

With 100% of monies being donated directly to RSPCA Queensland, The ‘Unleashed: 2016 Dog Rescue Calendar’ is an adorable and charming addition to any home or workspace.

With only a limited run of 200 copies, head to the website – to purchase your copy and show your support.


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