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WHEN you first launch a brand, whether it’s your own company or not, it can often take longer than expected to gain traction with the right audience.

In particular, there are unrealistic expectations around how long it should take us to reach a certain number of Facebook fans or Twitter followers.

Despite many attempts to get the “likes” on social media, creating an insanely successful brand comes down to delivering great content on a consistent basis.

That, coupled with various other tools in marketing, will earn you a solid reputation.

Below are a few tips to get you started.


1. Make your brand easy for media to cover.

Do you have a press kit? Professional photos? Are your key spokespeople media savvy?

Media are more likely to want to cover your brand if they understand it and they are familiar with its story.

A press kit won’t work for everyone, but it is a valuable tool for presenting your key messages, biographies, photos, reviews and what other people in your field are saying about you.

Your press kit should be a multipage PDF file that is designed in an interesting and visually appealing way to suit your brand and the industry you are in.

A demo reel is another important tool, if your brand has a public performance or speaking component.

They are also extremely helpful if you want to get in with TV and radio media. Again, searching for a demo reel on the Internet will yield a high number of returns. YouTube is a fantastic platform to upload this to, as well as embedding it onto your website.

Just pull together some recent TV interview clips, insert testimonials, behind the scenes shots and vision. If you don’t have any of that stuff yet, shoot a quick 1-2 minute video talking about your brand that you can edit nicely and throw in a few clips of media.

Lastly, ditch bad quality digital camera shots and get some quality photos of your business. We mean, its people, its spaces, its day-to-day operations and anything else that you feel will add value to what you do.

Have a friend take you somewhere with good lighting, maybe even outdoors, and capture some amazing shots that make you look like you do your job professionally. All of these things together can only help make you look more reputable and sharpen your image.


2. Publicise your existing audience and talk to you followers.

Get on board with lines like, “We’ve reached 5000 followers and growing!” or “Thanks for following, we have hit the big 1000!”

If you have heaps of fans on Facebook, but struggle to get followers on Pinterest, link the two by directing people there. Easiest way is to write a post from your Facebook page that includes a link. Maybe even look into adding a widget to your website, where you can publicize that your active on social media.

Linked In is another powerful tool for promoting yourself as an expert in our field. Read lots, share articles that inspire you and comment on other peoples posts. Engagement helps form relationships and it makes people warm to you, beyond your profile picture.


3. Reach out to 15 local media outlets – TV/Newspaper/Magazine

Do research on this first – you do not want to blow your chances with a media outlet by making a poor first impression. Start a spreadsheet document of local media outlets.

From here, determine who the key contacts are and what you might be able to talk to them about, but remember to think in their shoes and understand their audience or readership.

Send your materials in a sharp and succinct way, mostly because in today’s hectic day, people don’t have time to filter through pages of content and information.

Sure, a PR consultant is helpful because they can handle the media enquiries and match the media to the correct story, but often the media prefer dealing directly with you. Talking with you and getting to know you will give them a feel for how articulate, consistent and skilled you are.

Remember, the media probably is interested in what you have if it’s packaged properly, but it’s your job to make sure that they don’t lose their job if you don’t deliver. They need to feel confident in you first.

Good luck!