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Are you like us and the first thing you do in the morning or the last thing you do at night is scroll through Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter… to make sure you are up to date on everything?

Invariably, social media has become a massive part of our lives from having the perfect filter to a catchy caption and the #idealhashtag.


Our Account Manager, Olivia King, has put together some social media 101 tips.

  1. Quality not Quantity

It’s not the quantity, but rather the quality that matters. There is no need to post a photo daily on your social media channels if the quality of the photo isn’t good.

Think about the clarity of the photo and style of image? Is the photo going to jump out on the newsfeed and does the image relate to other likeminded or influential personalities or brands?

Put the effort in to ‘style’ the best photo!


  1. Build a relationship with the audience

Personal content always wins over generic content. Followers don’t fall ‘in love’ with logos or heavy branding. They fall in love with images of your own people, your customers, clients and how people are interacting with the brand.

Always ask yourself ‘what drew me to this image’ or ‘why did I like this photo’. If you wouldn’t like it then don’t post it.


  1. Timing

If you want to make sure your photo doesn’t get lost in the newsfeed, think about when you are posting it. For example, posting a photo at 12am on a Tuesday night, means the photo will get lost in other newsfeed.

A good way to figure out when a good time is to post is to think about when you are usually on the phone?

Handy tip – most people are on their phone either in the morning or are night because aren’t we all working so hard during the day we don’t have time to be on our phones….


  1. Add value & meaning

Your social media platforms are not about broadcasting your brand’s marketing messages because that’s called advertising and it’s not social.

Your posts should give reason for people to follow you, whether that is through solving a problem, sharing knowledge, entertaining or inspiring.

Follow and engage with other brands or people, tag locations and people when relevant and comment and like other peoples posts.

Be as active as possible.


  1. Draw on your brand personality

Who are you as a brand and what is your brand identity?

A brand’s visual identity is the overall look of its communications. Effective visual brand identity is achieved by the consistent use of particular visual elements such as background, colour, hashtag or location.

Showcase a bit of the brand in every photo you post.

Remember individualised content drives customer loyalty so capture daily highlights but also have a variety of posts while still maintaining consistency to appeal to a wider audience.

Now it is your turn to post… #goodluck