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AUSSIES who suffered extreme FOMO this year can get a head start on their European summer sojourn by securing a spot on one of Topdeck Travel’s new trips.

As the earlybird season kicks off, Topdeck has released its new Europe & Sailing 2016 Travel Magazine, featuring 114 trips.

The travel company is expecting another stellar year of travel to Europe, with destinations such as Sardinia, Corsica and Ibiza making their way onto the travel radar for young Australian travellers.

Topdeck’s General Manager, Sarah Clark, said the team had mapped out four new itineraries in the upcoming year’s selection to suit the younger generation who are looking to explore other unique hotspots.

“One of our new feature trips (48-day Mega European – Egypt) covers 21 countries in 48 days – roughly travelling to a new country every 2 days,” said Sarah.

“There has been a 25% growth rate for camping and sailing among youth travellers, so the decision to add the 28-day European Paradiso and 7-day Ibiza Sailing trips accommodate to this demand,” she said.

“Young Aussies have grown up in a globally connected society, so we understand that they look to stay 100% connected while travelling, which is why we are providing free wifi on all our coaches.”

Ms Clark said while the company is continuing to innovate by including the four new trips, they have also kept many of the old favourites that visit countries such as the UK, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

To help travellers take off well prepared, Topdeck Travel has compiled the ultimate list of items to never travel without.

Topdeck’s Summer Survival Pack

1. Togs

If you don’t pack togs, you’re going to be missing out on a lot. From sailing around the Greece Islands to paddling in Croatia, togs will be your number 1 pal in Europe.

2. Travel towel

Handy for any environment, travel towels are light and don’t take up much space. With the ability to dry you much faster than a normal towel, a travel towel is a must-pack space saver.

3. Mini boom box speakers

If you want to make friends in your hostel or get the party cranking on the beaches in Spain with the locals, definitely pack some mini boom box speakers. They don’t take up much suitcase space and even the inexpensive ones produce a great sound.

4. Sunglasses

When you’re trying to take the perfect selfie but you can’t keep your eyes open because the sun is too bright…a quick and easy solution is having a pair of sunglasses. Keep your eyes closed and no one will know. They are also useful for hiding behind on early morning flights.

5. Thongs

Want to shower in the hostel or take a quick walk outside? Thongs are a great travel companion. Plus nothing says ‘Aussie’ like a thong tan #straya

6. Portable Phone Charger

Aspiring video bloggers (isn’t everyone?) should pack a portable phone charger so they’re never short of battery.

7. Vegemite

You may be travelling in Europe having an unforgettable adventure, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to wake up every morning and have a slice of home.

8. Book

While you’re sunbaking on beach or on the bus travelling to another city, a book is a great way to pass some time.

9. Dental floss

Dental floss is not just for oral hygiene. It can be used for a multitude of things – including last minute wardrobe malfunctions and fixing bike chains while riding around Amsterdam.

10. Sunscreen

Nobody likes to get burnt, so be sure to pack a sun-protecting lotion to keep your skin supple and beautifully glowing.

Topdeck is offering travellers a 10% discount on all trips if they book and pay in full by 15 December 2015.

For more information on Topdeck’s Europe trips, check out the Europe brochure or visit


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