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FROM sautéed reindeer in Finland to wild boar with fig sausages in Portugal or pig trotters in Romania, Europe’s menu is endless when it comes to trying out of the box dishes.

There are the favourites, like mouth-watering salted caramel macaroons in France or delicious currywurst in Germany, but the new craze is trying quirkier takes on authentic European dishes.

The team at Topdeck Travel has rounded up a list of “50 foods to try in Europe”, providing travellers with a smorgasbord of cuisines to sample during their holiday.

Travelling in Europe is not just a sightseeing adventure but a food journey that follows the cobblestone laneways to hidden local trattorias and tavernas.

Topdeck’s Global Marketing Director, Mike Doyle, said the company’s global travel survey indicated that 86% of participants were motivated by the new cultural experience offered by travel, while 67% were excited by the foods they could eat.

“These results showed that Australians and New Zealanders, although spoilt for choice on home soil, want try different European cuisines.

“They aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone and sample local dishes as it helps them to relate to the locals and learn more about the country’s culture,” Mike said.

“Travelling throughout Europe is the easiest way to try those authentic flavours and recipes, which has enabled travellers to get the full experience when they are overseas,” he said.

“A lot of travellers return home with a new found love of cooking and eating.”

Other results, from the survey, identified that more than half of the participants said eating local cuisines was important when travelling overseas.

“There is no point being on the other side of the world, and going to McDonalds or KFC, when it is just as easy to find a family run business where you can enjoy mouth-watering seafood paella or delicious waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.”

Take the time to explore the European sites while eating the local European delights.

See below for the 50 foods to try in Europe and for more travel inspiration and places to visit, see

1. Austria – Chocolate cake with apricot jam and whipped cream
2. Austria – Wiener Schnitzel
3. Belgium – Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream
4. Belgium – Moules-frites (mussels and fries)
5. Croatia – Salted cod with potato’s
6. Croatia – Prsut – dry cured ham
7. Czech Republic – Roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut
8. Czech Republic – Beef soup with liver dumplings
9. Denmark – Rye bread and ost (cheese)
10. Denmark – Apple pork
11. Finland – Sautéed reindeer with mashed potato and lingonberry preserves
12. Finland – Cloudberry parfait on a hazelnut biscuit base
13. France – Salted caramel macaroons
14. France – Chocolate croissants
15. France – Foie gras
16. Germany – Currywurst
17. Germany – Pretzels
18. Germany – Cabbage and pork
19. Greece – Aubergines (eggplant)
20. Greece – Greek salad & feta
21. Greece – Soulvaki in a pita sandwich with garnishes
22. Hungary – Hungarian goulash
23. Italy – Margarita pizza
24. Italy – Fettuccine seafood marinara
25. Italy – Pistachio gelato
26. Montenegro – Zelena salata – green salad
27. Montenegro – Priganice – doughnuts
28. Netherlands – Gouda cheese
29. Netherlands – Stroopwafel
30. Norway – Fenalar – cured and seasoned leg of lamb
31. Norway – Sandwich with geitost (cheese)
32. Poland – Pierogi dumplings
33. Poland – Chlodnik litewski – yoghurt and beetroot soup
34. Portugal – Crispy suckling pig
35. Portugal – Wild boar and fig sausages
36. Romania – Pig trotters
37. Romania – Cabbage rolls
38. Russia – Solyanka soup
39. Russia – Borscht and pelemi (dumplings)
40. Serbia – Cevapcici (grilled dish of minced meat)
41. Spain – Seafood paella
42. Spain – Manchego cheese
43. Sweden – Pickled herring
44. Sweden – Pork meatballs
45. Switzerland – Cheese fondue
46. Switzerland – Swiss chocolate
47. Turkey – Yaprak sarma (wrapped vine leaves)
48. Turkey – Shish kebab
49. United kingdom – Fish and chips
50. United kingdom – Sausage, mash and peas


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