Blog Post

The newest member of our team, Liv King, shares some knowledge and advice she learnt at her internship with us to ensure she could ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’ in the public relations industry.

1. Note book and pen

The conversations and brainstorming sessions at The Press Garage are one of the most enjoyable parts. You have the ability to say the most ridiculous ideas and thoughts, and know that it is only helping to create the perfect idea and strategy for a client.

However in saying that, I was completely lost for words when Deana and Allie had a brainstorming session on my first day. I was extremely thankful, I had my notebook and pen to attempt to write down every thing they said. Even if your notebook looks like a complete mess afterwards, just make sure you understand what you have written down even if others don’t.

2. Read the news

As Deana said to me once, there is nothing more embarrassing than being in a meeting with a potential client or even an existing client and not knowing what is happening in the news. The client needs to know that you are up to date with what is happening around them. It will also allow you to devise the perfect strategy for your clients to ensure you reach the desired result.

3. Know how many newspapers are in Australia

My heart skipped a beat when Deana asked me to name all of the newspapers in Australia. Embarrassingly enough, I couldn’t name all of them, not even half. The public is exposed to thousands of advertisements a day therefore ensuring you are writing to the right newspaper means that your story will reach the right target audience and have a lasting impression. Test yourself now, how many can you name. Tip there are over 12.

4. Play on your words

The media is swamped by emails every day with stories on a new restaurant or fun filled activity to do on the weekend. So make your email count. By playing on words, your story will be interesting and intriguing but will also incorporate a little bit of yourself and the companies personality. You want to hook the journalists into writing a story about your client.

5. Learn to drink coffee

I always knew it would come to this and if anyone reading this knows me, you know I don’t like coffee until my internship at The Press Garage. My first day, Deana turned to me and goes “have you had your morning coffee”, nervous me replies “no” and with that, we were out to get our morning coffee. The pages have now turned and I know I am at my best after drinking a skinny cappuccino, oh and maybe having a sweet treat as well.