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IN THE SPIRIT of Australia Day, this week Topdeck launches its new Australia & New Zealand brochure to inspire Aussie jetsetters to consider exploring their backyard in 2015.

The new 67-page brochure offers an authentic range of trips, providing travellers with wanderlust experiences, including watching the sunrise over Uluru and sailing in the Whitsundays.

A team of trip experts have handpicked 24 epic road trips, put together a unique list of ‘wacky facts you didn’t know about Australia & New Zealand’ and given their suggestions for ‘the ultimate down under bucket list’.

Topdeck’s General Manager, Sarah Clark, said the team was expecting another strong year of domestic travel and close-to-home international travel, with an increase in Australians looking to travel in their own backyard, as well as plenty of first-time travellers heading across the ditch to New Zealand.

“Aussies and international travellers have equally embraced the variety of experiences that Australia presents, from the beauty of its open beaches to the authenticity of the red centre and the culture richness of hinterland vineyards,” Ms Clark said.

“We have seen more and more Aussies travelling on our trips in New Zealand, either repeat passengers who loved travelling with Topdeck in Europe or young explorers who are using New Zealand as a taste of their first international holiday,” she said.

Ms Clark also said Topdeck had made further enhancements to trips in its new Australia & New Zealand collection this year, including the addition of new hotels and a new 22-day trip called ‘Spirit of the Pacific’, which takes in the East Coast of Australia and the South Island of New Zealand.

“Every season we look at what unique experiences we can offer our travellers and we think this brochure captures the perfect mix of high-energy trips, cultural encounters and relaxation time, with everything from bungee jumping to soaking up the sun,” she said.

“This year, we added Daydream Island to our repertoire and can proudly say that we are one of the only companies to include two nights’ accommodation on a Whitsunday Island, plus one night on a sailing yacht.

“Our Northern Territory itinerary is also fully accommodated, giving travellers a comfortable hotel stay instead of camping every night, although still featuring one night in a swag under the outback night sky for an authentic Aussie experience.”

See below for a sample of Topdeck’s quirky facts on Australia, and for more travel inspiration and hot tips, check out the Australia & New Zealand brochure or visit


1. Australia’s largest property (Anna Creek Station) is bigger than Belgium.

2. The world’s longest fence runs for 5,618 kilometres from Queensland to Western Australia, and was built to protect sheep from dingoes.

3. The whole cast of ‘Finding Nemo’ lives on the The Great Barrier Reef’.

4. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest living organism and covers 2,300 kilometres of coastline, and is also home to six of the world’s seven sea turtle species.

5. Koalas are the only animals, apart from humans, with a unique fingerprint.

6. The average koala’s low-calorie diet means that it needs to sleep 18-22 hours per day.

7. Crocodile meat tastes like a mix between chicken and calamari.

8. Number of snake species in Australia is 140, compared to zero in New Zealand.

9. Name suggestions for Australia’s capital city originally included Sydmelperbrisho, Wheetwoolgold and Federalbus.

10. While the rest of the world is dreaming of a white Christmas, all Australians know that it is the time to eat prawns on the beach.

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