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THERE is nothing more exciting than a holiday, so The Press Garage is thrilled to announce its recent appointment, as the PR firm to represent Australia’s youngest, most innovative travel group.

Ignite Travel Group only launched in 2005, but has already been recognised in BRW’s Fast 100 Growing Business for three years running (2013, 2012 and 2011) and was a recipient of the 2011 BRW Fast Starters award for Fastest Growing Travel Retail Business.

Travellers would recognise the company by its major holiday brand, My Holiday Centre, or sub-brands My Fiji, My Bali, My Thailand, My Hawaii, My Malaysia, My USA, My QLD Holiday.

Being one of Australia’s youngest travel companies, certainly hasn’t been a bad thing. They have inspired new ways of doing business and clever tactics to promote travel that adds value to both travel partners and provides exclusive holiday deals for customers.

We, at The Press Garage, are so honoured to be working with such a vibrant and innovative travel company, as they approach this new era of growth.
It’s going to be an exciting take off, so stay tuned on developments and watch out for their great all-inclusive holiday deals in the media.

For more information about the Ignite Travel Group or to peruse the deals at My Holiday Centre, check out their website. or