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If you hadn’t already noticed, PR has shifted online. Distribution of news is digital and globally accessible. In fact, this happened at the beginning of the 21st Century.

Nowadays, press releases are distributed to websites and via email, as opposed to postal, fax or courier delivery. And, the profession is universally recognised, with new buzzwords developed daily, from ‘influencer’ to ‘optimised’

Our director Deana Tynan provides a snapshot below on what’s happening to PR in 2016.

We’re All In This Together – PR + Social + Marketing

PR professionals use social media actively in order to achieve their goals. While, marketing objectives have also become key KPIs for PR and Social Media specialists.

This is primarily because more companies now understand the importance of measurement and metrics and are judged on what they deliver.

Now is a good time to stop treating the different disciplines as separate. They are all interconnected.

This extends to distribution of your news and content, and of course – measurement of results.

The ‘Stand Out’ Press Release – New Media

There’s no denying that the days of a blast email to a chunky media database are well and truly gone.

Modern press releases are taking a new shape, reflecting the ever-changing use of existing and new media.

It’s no surprise that people don’t like to read long paragraphs, and are usually short on time. Visuals make an impact. Sharp photography, powerful videos and clever infographics help people to understand immediately what the story is.

Multimedia is no longer an option – it’s a must-have. Coupled with a short, succinct email pitch and you’re on your way.

The other part of PR is, of course, people skills. Yet, the new reliance on data and analytics forces us to take a closer look at what our siblings in social media and marketing are doing.

2016 has seen the emergence of technology skills become just as important as people skills, if not more so.

Everyone Can Share News – PR at Any Level  

One tweet can literally change the future of a company and it doesn’t take the CEO to do it.

Today, we are all influencers, in one way or another. Whether we share an announcement via email, post it to our followers on social media or mention it to a friend in passing.

Thanks to the Internet, we are all interconnected and everyone can disseminate information. No longer is this in the hands of a single specialist or traditional news outlet, which means it’s more important than ever for your people to tell the same story.

Engaging employees and teams in PR is beneficial for any organisation. In fact, there are already start-ups who focus specifically on doing just that.